Who does not want to play Football Manager 2021 alone, on the waiting for various modes.

Football Manager 2021: These are the multiplayer options


In Football Manager 2021 there are two multiplayer possibilities:

  • In the Fantasy Draft, players create a team based on a specified budget. These teams then contact each other in fictitious competitions. This can happen both in the ligamodus and in the form of a tournament tree.
  • The career mode is also available for multiplayer fans. There are no differences in the content of the solo career (and at the settings possibilities), apart from the fact that the game progresses only when all players have finished the day. In addition, negotiations and duels have a special explosiveness between the real players. Up to 32 players can compete together.

For players with enthusiastic FM fans in the circle of friends, there are different ways to go together in the complexity of the 21er version. But attention: The multiplayer options only exist for the main game, not for mobile offshoots Mobile and Touch.

With the successor Football Manager 2022 another multiplayer mode came into play, namely the versus mode, us game. In this you choose an existing team (like your own team from your score) and thus occur against the team of another player, without deeper league or framework conditions, as short and spontaneity are in the foreground.