Since his launch three months ago has Call of Duty: Vanguard with all sorts of problems struggling. Although the mid season patch in mid-January has already fixed some bugs and brought optimizations with themselves, yet the shooter is far from top form. Even the developers are aware of this and therefore turned to the community with a message.

But in addition to numerous problems that affect the game fun of the COD fans, there are also bugs , which are quite worried for laughers. Like a reddit user recently presented in a video, a very special mistake currently plagues the shooter and leaving the dead again ** \ – if not literally.

the Most NUKES in Call Of Duty Vanguard..???? (COD Vanguard 370 Kill V2 Rocket Gameplay)

Back from the dead

Since the latest patch bodies are lying around namely, it may be able to slip through the area and even to collect points for their team. It is unfavorable for opponents that is above all because the bodies are invulnerable.

It is not yet known if the bug occurs on all multiplayer cards from COD: Vanguard. The two videos shared in the subreddit of the shooter are both playing on the Sub Pens Map . The fact that the body is still technically alive is also recognizable to the red lettering, which calls the name of the player.

Although the whole thing is a pretty amusing matter from the outside, many players of the bug is likely to go to the nerves. How should one go against invulnerable corpses that are treated like normal game characters and thus collect objective points without aligning the opponent?

The consequences of the Vanguard failure

Call of Duty: Vanguard (Buy Now 66.99 €), but away from the many technical problems but also financially significantly worse, when you would have wished for the Blizzard Activision, and in Great Britain even lagged the worst launch of the series for 14 years.

The lack of success will of course have consequences. But how exactly will look, is still unclear at the present time. Insider Tom Henderson claims that the next Call of Duty will come earlier to enforce the fans of the series. A report by Bloomberg, on the other hand, suggests that the quality improvement wants to leave more time between the publications of the titles.