In the Bundesliga, the resistance is growing against the policy-prescribed Corona rules. According to RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and the 1st FC Cologne now want to review the restrictions of the approval of viewers concerning the current Corona Protection Ordinance of the approval of viewers on the way of a judicial express procedure.

“The following step is regrettable and for us the Ultima Ratio. Ultimately, however, it is our task of true Borussia Dortmund’s legitimate interests,” CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke commented.

As the area club announced on Monday, an application is expected to be submitted on Tuesday before the Upper Administrative Court of Münster “on the adoption of an interim injunction in the standards control procedure”. BVB holds the currently valid restrictions on “unlawful”.

“According to the conviction of the football club, they violate the principle of proportionality and equal treatment. While in indoor areas, despite comparative higher infectance danger, events with high percentage loads can be carried out nationwide, the capacity of the largest German summer stadium is currently 0.92 percent of total capacity limited, “it said in the BVB message.

1. FC Cologne announces request of an express procedure

Cologne announced the request of an express procedure at the Münster Upper Administrative Court at all for this Monday. Managing Director Alexander Wehrle justified the step with similar words.

“We assume that we can change the upper limit of 750 spectators for major events in North Rhine-Westphalia short-term,” he said, “We are also aware of our social responsibility, but that means in this case to make aware of when Measures no longer comprehensible and appear without effect while jeopardizing the survivability of many organizers in culture and Coronas. “

The BVB declared that “to this day hoped in vain, in dialogue with the state government to a similar consensual and prior to the background of the pandemism of course, to be able to come up with a significant degree of consensus, as described in Saxony-Anhalt, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland PFALZ is now enabled “.

Confederation and countries had decided in the past Corona conference on January 24, which is waited for major events for major events because of the omikron variant – until the 9th of February, uniform rules should be agreed.

As a result, however, the approval of up to 10,000 people (maximum 25 percent of total capacity) was allowed in Bavaria. The state government in Baden-Württemberg followed with a decision for the approval of 6000 people in applying the 2G-Plus rule. In North Rhine-Westphalia, on the other hand, only 750 spectators are allowed.