Okay, I know well that you did not need. At least you will write in the comments, and then some of you will go to check Super People or another title. I, in turn, since I have your reed attention, whisp a few words about Squad Battle.

Squad Battle is a new, PC Battle Royale from NetMarble. And not with a view of FPS, only TPS! This title is described as a dynamic action game, where triple teams are fighting each other for survival, often engaging in the skirmishes in a short circuit. Twenty bands takes part in the match and nobody mentions nothing about the mobile version for this moment, so perhaps it will actually be a strictly game on a PC.

Squad Battle - BEST Upcoming Battle Royale of 2022? ????
Squad Battle has a varied set of characters as well as weapons and modifiers. We will combine it all in combination to adjust the style of fighting into individual preferences. On the battlefield, we find a lot of improvements that will strengthen our capabilities or simply help you survive.

What else? There will be interactive objects on the maps, like “Zip Lines” or “Jump Pads”. At this moment, we do not know much more about the game itself, except that players from the United States were invited to test the Pre-Alpha Squad Battle versions. Any concrete premiere or open beta for everyone? We do not know yet.