The games of fromSoftware are always plagued by secrets, and players always try to decipher them all. The Remake of Demon’s Souls In particular it seems to hide four items that, apparently, no user has discovered to date and it seems that no one can ever find them.

Lance McDonald, Dataminer who previously found secrets in _ Bloodborne, PT, and God of War _, said having found four items within the code of _ demon’s souls, _ but do not know how Get them or what they are called. In fact, McDonald is not even sure that these objects can be obtained.

Talking with pin , mcdonald said that BLUEPOINT GAMES , authors of this remake, could simply have chosen not to include these items in the final version of the game, which would make them impossible to get :

“You may have created these items and decided not to use them. There is no way to know this for now.

BLUEPOINT added many new items, such as gold coins, ceramic coins, penetrator armor, etc. All those have been well documented and some were incredibly difficult to find at the beginning. There are four more than I know that exist but nobody knows how to get them. “

It may be in a future mcdonald I manage to find out exactly what these items are, but for now, he does not have a viable shape to find out.

Demon's Souls: Remaking a PlayStation Classic - Documentary

Editor’s note: Surely they were only objects that BluePoint added and in the end canceled. Recall that this type of games have one of the most loyal communities, and in case those items could be achieved, someone was there, I would have found the way.