Reece Oxford will not come around to look at the scene before the early 0: 1 in the analysis again. Pretty sure, the central defender will then ask the question of what he has thought of the ball from the side to promote the center of his own sixteen. Each e-youth coach would take his protégé after such a fauxpas – especially if he was punished as in this case with a goal. “We actively helped and the gates allowed much too cheap,” criticized Weinzierl and explicitly not only contacted Oxford’s mistakes on Thursday afternoon. “That we get the balance in the last minute, that annoys me of course. But we can relativize and correctly assess that. It was only a test in which we have gained insights.”

The realization that individual mistakes in the back team draw as a red thread through January was by no means new. Slowly the alarm bells should shrill at the FCA, because with patzen of this category will be the tables 16. Probably also in February every so good performance broken again. Especially since the Fuggerstädter in the ligabeide so far, everything else other than goals may occur. In this regard, however, the test made courage.

Weinzierl is looking forward to the three striker gates

The Necessity of Self-Care

“Three striker gates do us well and give the offensive self-confidence. Florian Lechtechner has shown when he is fit and standing in the square, then he has scoring scales. After he had no rhythm for months, how valuable he is again”, Winezierl drove out. In the next mandatory match against Union Berlin on Saturday next week (5 February, 15.30 clock), the 31-year-old should be back in the starting eleven for the first time since the end of September. In the three mandatory games since the turn of the year, the attacker already collected as a joker between 22 and 33 minutes of use.

Because the most recently set Ricardo Pepi will not run on the side of Michael Gregoritsch after the next country break, if he is in the squad at all. “We have to look at when he’s back. That will be scarce for Union,” emphasized weinzierl. Two days before the duel with the Iron harvests, the American is demanded on the next Thursday with his national team in the World Cup qualifier against Honduras.

Hopes for a start-up set may also make Raphael Framberger. The right-back was allowed on the position of the most recently shaped Robert Gumny against the Jahn during the first 45 minutes in the supposed first eleven ran. “Every position is double with us. Anyone who makes the better impression in the coming days will play Berlin,” but weinzierl did not look into the cards yet.