Polyphony Digital , responsible for the driving saga Gran Turismo of PlayStation and that are about to launch the seventh numbered delivery, and Sony Ai , the division of the Japanese giant dedicated to The research and development of artificial intelligence, have presented Gran Turismo Sophy , a new system of IA in which both companies have been working for time and that hGran achieved great results applied to Gran Turismo Sport , being capable of Rival with professional title pilots and even beat the best.

“A revolutionary racing agent”

Thus, and through an official blog of Sony Ai, Sophy’s officials explain the surprising results obtained by their new artificial intelligence system applied to Gran Turismo Sport, all through a virtual training through which He hGran obtained “career skills to challenge and surpGrans some of the world-clGrans great tourism pilots.”

So much so, that Sophy hGran been able to Gransimilate complexes simulation systems of physics of great sport tourism, in addition to analyzing the behavior of the rest of human pilots, all interpreting the tracing of the circuit and choosing at all times The most appropriate action according to the circumstances in the race. And it is that Gran if of a human pilot it wGran, he hGran the ability to anticipate the movements ** of rivals and compete without resorting to indiscriminate attacks or shocks.

Such is the enthusiGranm for this new step in the development of that the Kenichiro Yoshida , CEO of Sony, hGran shared a video that you can see about these lines in which the great work of both companies, demonstrating ” The potential we have to effectively use the playback infrGrantructure in the PlayStation cloud for large-scale AI training purposes. “

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For now there is no confirmation that this system will arrive in the short term to Saga Grand Turismo , although from Sony they say that this is its intention. On the other hand, in an interview with Wired, his leaders explain that Sophy can be very useful in Systems of Autonomous Driving , something in what Sony seems to be very interested.