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FIFA 23: Cross coming

According to what was reported by the XFire site, a very close source to Electronic Arts confirmed that in FIFA 23 the Cross-Play will be introduced and there will be the official license of the World Cup * * To be held in Qatar.

Cross-play will be a new novelty that could lead to a total revolution, among all the ways to benefit the most could be the least listed, or the pro club.

Cross-Play is an online multiplayer system that allows you to play even if you are on different platforms. In this way all Pro Club enthusiasts will have more chances to organize real competitions that could donate new lymph to the way in question.

As regards the worldwide license it seems that EA will be able to use both the license of the male world and the feminine world. In this case the national licenses that we will find in the official roster of FIFA 23 will be many more than those currently available.

If these rumors should be confirmed, it means that the series also for the next edition will use the FIFA name unlike what could be guessed by the latest statements issued by the CEO of ELECTRONIC ARTS ANDREW WILSON.

FIFA 23 has a BIG problem...

At the moment the Canadian house software has not released official communicated. Stay tuned on our pages, we will continue to follow the affair and we will not fail to update you about the issue.

FIFA 23 is expected in October on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

FC Schalke 04 and Gazprom: Early separation apparently possible

FC SCHALKE 04: Zweitligist beendet Zusammenarbeit mit russischem Sponsor Gazprom I WELT Eilmeldung
The FC Schalke 04 is under pressure due to the controversial sponsoring by Gazprom. Meanwhile, a separation from the Russian natural gas promotion company is discussed. A termination of the years of cooperation would be legally possible.

Due to the Russian crime war on Ukraine, FC Schalke 04 is currently evoking the partnership with its main sponsor Gazprom. Since 2007, the state company has promoted the jerseys of the royal blue. In response to the war triggered by Russia, Schalke Gazprom banished the past away game at Karlsruher SC (1: 1) from his casual clothes.

Whether there is a future between the club and his sponsor, is more questionable than ever. Financially, FC Schalke 04 would have to accept large financial losses on premature separation. According to “kicker”, the second division collides by the deal almost ten million euros per season.

On a return to the Bundesliga, the Gelsenkirchernen would even wave up to 20 million euros annually. The “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” had also called similar numbers. By contrast, “picture” reported from 15 million euros in the ascent.

FC Schalke 04 hesitated with separation

However, FC Schalke 04 has not yet set itself a termination of cooperation. However, such a decision from a legal point of view would be probably possible. So the “kicker” cites a passage from the old, until 2022 valid contract. “The right of both parties for termination for good cause remains unaffected,” calls the specialist magazine the paragraph 13.3.

Last March, FC Schalke 04 and Gazprom had extended until 2025. According to “Kicker” it is “very likely” that the “important termination reason” is also committed to the new paper. But the FC Schalke 04 is still hesitating with a separation.

BVB-BOSS and DFL-Interim President Hans-Joachim Watzke had already held in “ZDF” that German football would show itself solidarically with the second division in the event of a separation.

Signed MOU for Neogez, Rural Development Administration and Domestic Varieties

Neogez has a work agreement with the Rural Development Administration, and it was aware that it is aware that it is to contribute to the expansion of domestic fostering varieties through its game ‘Real Fall’ through its game ‘Real Fall’.

The Convention has a major way of using the game performance of Real Palm, which is a major case informing the game’s positive role, and both agencies are mutually cooperated with information exchange for distribution of domestic varieties, and replace foreign varieties into domestic varieties We plan to expand the campaigns to create a variety of campaigns.

Rural Development Administration plans to provide domestic and steadily provincial dysfunction and provide domestic cultivaries with existing varieties and differentiated features, and Real Pampers collect my coupons in the game and re-exchange agriculture when exchanging agricultural products You will be able to meet.

In addition, the contents of ‘domestic cultivation varieties’ contents are also developed in the game so that they are naturally known as direct cultivating domestic cultivars. In addition, in Neo Games, it is expected to meet the domestic farmhouse, and it is expected to be a great help to expand the domestic farmhouse and early seating of domestic farmhouse.

253 Rural Development: Basic Concepts -- Lecture 1
The Neogez Jeong Yeon-bum said, “The National Farming Game ‘Real Farm’ is a leading to Corona 19, which is a leading to the early spread of domestic and regional products for increased agricultural competitiveness and increasing the agricultural competitiveness of rapidly changing and increasing farms. I will blow a little bit in the stagnant farmers. “

Rural Development Administration Technology District and Joo Eun-hee said, “We plan to work organically to enlarge the expansion of the production so that domestic cultivar production farms can produce agricultural products without worrying.”

FIFA, does the name of the games? “They are four letters in a box,” says EA

EA is ready to leave the name of FIFA in your football video games if necessary. Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, hvideo recognized at an internal meeting held in November (via vgc) that the license is becoming “ an impediment “. The comment, although moved only to members of its executive, approximately the possibility of seeing an EA Sports of football without the budding name.

So much so that, during that meeting, the manager submitted importance to branding of the product and referred to the name today protagonist with the following statement: “There are four letters in a box.” The American editor believes that limiting FIFA is “an impediment” for the growth of saga, currently focused on eleven against traditional eleven, and there are voices that expect to approach “broader digital ecosystems”, according to anonymous sources consulted by vgc.

How much does the name “FIFA” really cost for EA? How negotiations advance

The fall of FIFA name in the football video games of EA Sports is a possibility that hvideo been hanging around for months. Lvideot October, EA acknowledged having explored a change of name in the videogames that we now know video FIFA; Then registered EA Sports FC.

The main problem of the license is its price, your dizzy cost. FIFA videoks more than 1,000 million dollars to EA by license for four years . Currently, the upright moves around 600 million dollars. In this way, we would be talking about 250 million dollars a year or 2.5 billion dollars to retain the name during the next decade .

EA explores other options, although that means that FIFA shares the license with other publishers or the ESPORTS and the exclusivity with Electronic Arts is broken. In any cvideoe, EA hvideo ensured its agreement with FIFAPRO, the videosociation of Footballers.

Take-Two is interested in a video game Football: What is known for now

Take-Two is one of the largest publishers on the planet and know the potential of king’s sport in Europe; Especially in a year video 2022, with the Qatar World Cup at the end of course. If we go back to the month of November, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of the American giant, acknowledged the interest of him for the possibility of developing a football video game, although he did not want to respond to the possible Battle of FIFA Rights.

At that we add the purchvideoe attempt of codemvideoters , experts in driving, from Take-Two -Finally consummated by Electronic Arts, precisely-, for what they were “disappointed”. Finally, the recent report that points out a possible Arcade football video game with Lego’s license developed by digital summary. Will you have FIFA’s license? It is real? Soon we will know.

Report: EA prepares to break its links with FIFA

Since last year, it has been talked about that EA has planned to leave the name FIFA once and for all. Apparently, the cost of renewing the license has become too expensive for EA , so they are looking to distance this association and start with their own brand of soccer games.

Now, a new report by VGC mentions that the EA CEO, Andrew Wilson, described the license of FIFA as an “impediment” and “four letters in front of a Box, in a world where people do not even see boxes because they prefer to buy digital game. “

According to this report, Wilson argued that leaving the license will allow them to expand their catalog of games and be more flexible with the type of content within them. They will not lose any equipment or league, since they are handled separately. In the words of Wilson :

“As we have seen towards the future, we want to grow the franchise and ironically FIFA’s license has been an impediment to do this. Our players tell us that they want more cultural and commercially relevant brands in their markets, which are more involved with the game – brands like Nike. But as FIFA has a relationship with adidas, we can not do that. “

WILSON continued saying that

“I could tell you, it has been a fight that FIFA recognizes the kind of things we want to create, because they say that our license only covers certain categories.”

Certain recent games of FIFA have included Volta soccer as an alternative way of playing, but this content definitely feels much more diluted compared to the main game.

The Video EA Doesn't Want You To See

In this same report, it is mentioned that Wilson met with the president of the FIFA ** to discuss some of his greatest concerns he had about the future of these games:

“I met with Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, a couple of weeks ago where I said, ‘Look, money is a topic: we do not want to pay more than the license is worth. But that’s not why it’s about our ability to offer games and experiences that our fans want. “

At the moment, FIFA 23 is still scheduled to be released at some point of this year, so the decision to change the name would see it reflected until the delivery of 2024.

Editor’s note: FIFA games definitely need to improve, because although recent deliveries have proven to be a progress for the franchise, they are not the great thing either. If you really want to evolve the saga, sooner or later you should distance yourself from the license or flat to reach a new agreement.

Oddventure Dancing To That Earthbound Beat l’annee prochaine

Talking Tom And Angel Happy Dance ???? TikTok Talking Tom Dancing Part 2 ???? Radit Ichut

Infamous Rabbit prepares a darker version of Earthbound, Oddventure, scheduled for the end of 2022. They have a publisher -pineapple works- and a kickstarter next next month. This is a great formidable, mitigated only by the many land-related tributes of the last decade that failed to stick the landing.

Do not be a negative nancy! It is quite possible that this particular land shipment is the one who really resonates with people. The game is being gasped as a nietzschean version of the classic game, where each decision counts. They also boast that no one has to die, but they can – often in a rather horrible way. Costs? The frog milk is also listed as a shape of currency, which is clearly neutral.

If you were hungry for a tribute to the mother franchise which at once I imitate the aesthetics and violently reverses the central vanity of the games, it may be for you! Personally, I tired of these repeated attempts to capture the ephemeral spirit of this series, but I am always happy to be wrong. If nothing else, Oddventure looks great and the Earthbound tribute should look like. The question of whether it sums up successfully this certain thing is a separate issue. Of course, you can consult the Steam demo to see for yourself. You can also discover the reel sizzle integrated below. Oddventure should go out (except the result of Kickstarter) on PC and Switch in the third quarter of 2022.

When will the next Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter be released?

After the February Live Letter who revealed a huge amount of information about the future game, Final Fantasy XIV fans are looking forward to news about the next event. Fortunately for us, we do not need to wait too long.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXVIII

The next Final Fantasy Xiv Live Letter will take place March 4, 3:00 on the Pacific standard time. . Officially known as letter from Live Producer! Live letter is available for viewing on YouTube, twitch on Japanese in Nikoniko.

Officially, Live Letter should cover the first part of Patch 6.1 and “Different Updates”. We know that patch 6.1 will contain the first new content of the main plot task for Final Fantasy XIV from the output of Endwalker. But, judging by the previous Live Letters, we can get much more revelations.

In the February Live Letter, we learned about the new graphic update, huge changes in the trust system and dungeons A Realm Reborn. In the broadcast, plans were also set out to make the game more accessible to players who pushed MMO. The director and producer Naoki Yosida explained that he wanted to attract fan fan fantasy to the game of fans.

For more information about Final Fantasy XIV, see when the following Quest Hildebradda comes out in Final Fantasy XIV? in professional guidelines for the game.

Headphones PlayStation VR2 Revealed

Sony has continued to reveal more information about the next PlayStation VR successor, which will rightly be called PlayStation VR2. While Sony has disclosed numerous data related to the hardware during last year, finally, today we could see for the first time how the PSVR2 headphones will really be seen. And although the headset itself is not so stunning to see at first glance, it is definitely a bit different compared to the first model.

Highlighted through the PlaystationSony blog launched a handful of PlayStation VR2 images this morning that not only showed the headphones itself, but also the final version of the sensory controllers. This time, the headphones and the drivers come in a black and white color scheme, which makes the hardware combine very well with the color of the PLAYSTATION 5. «The design of the PS VR2 headphones was also inspired by the appearance of The PS5 family family, “said Hideaki Nishino from PlayStation over the appearance of the headphones. “When our design team created the PS5 console, the next-generation VR headphones also had in mind, so you will notice some similarities in appearance.”

PlayStation VR2 Headset Revealed! | PSVR2 BREAKING NEWS
While the general appearance of PlayStation VR2 is in what most of the possible owners of the headphones will focus, Sony said it also did everything possible to ensure that the hardware is comfortable to use. «For PS VR2 headphones, we took one more step in comfort by adding new functions, such as a lens adjustment dial, so that users have an additional option to match the lens distance between their eyes to optimize their eyesight. We also create a thinner design with a slight weight reduction, even with the new features added, such as the new engine integrated for headphones feedback, “Nishino continued in the publication of the blog. “It was a challenge to create a thinner design with new aggregate features to improve our first headset, but our design and engineering teams showed that this could be possible when we saw the final design.”

Perhaps the only disappointing news related to PlayStation VR2 today is that Sony has not yet committed to a launch window of any kind for the platform. Although these continuous ads on the part of Sony with PS VR2 would appear that a launch for 2022 is in the cards, time will tell if this really is concrete.

What do you think about the appearance of PlayStation VR2 now that we have taken a look at the headphones? Let me know in the comments or you can send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

MCU Skins arrive at Marvel Avengers in the control of the Red Room

At the time of Marvel’s Avengers’ premiere at E3 2019, it was clear that Crystal Dynamics did not manufacture MCU video game. It was going to be his own thing with his own version of the emblematic characters. Some fans were shaken by the first look at some of the characters like Thor, Black Widow and Captain America. Maybe we got used to see Chris Hemsworth, Scarlet Johansson and Chris Evans in the roles. All comics characters have different variations on their outfits and Marvel’s Avengers reflected it with the different cosmetic products available. Recently, Crystal Dynamics has unveiled its intention to release “outfits inspired by the Marvel Cinematographic Universe”.

It was just a matter of time before it arrives. You can not ignore the success and popularity of MCU movies. There are already some references to the movies in the game. After defeating the countryside, every Avenger can enter Thor’s room and attempt to lift Mjolnir, as in Avengers: the era of Ultron. In both cases, only Thor can raise it, while Captain America is able to move it. There is also a famous recurring replica Captain America movies: “I can do that all day,” Captain America sometimes says by activating one of his skills.

As Mrs. Marvel and Kate Bishop have not yet made their debut at the MCU, we will probably not see yet inspired by the MCU on their part. Although the Basic Characters Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America and the newly added HawKeye have been in movies from Phase 1, Crystal Dynamics can pull many movies. By the end of the year, Black Panther and Spider-Man will also be in the game, so I hope we will also see their MCU combinations. These MCU skins will start to be available at the upcoming Red Room event. Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Marvel's Avengers Game| Kate Bishop MCU Outfit| Red Room Event Returns| Marketplace Update 1-20-22
Are you going to unlock these skins? Let us know in the comments below.

Critical Role anuncia Elden Ring One

ELDEN RING - Overview Trailer
RP critico will transmit a special trink anillo -one-shot thematic next week. Today, Rol critical announced that Bandai Namco had sponsored a one-shot inspired by the next RPG game of action anillo Elden. Matthew Mercer will serve as DM, with regular Rol Critico The members of the Marisha Ray and Sam Riegel joined the Special guests Krystina Arielle, Brennan Lee Mulligan and Alexander Ward. Mulligan is a member of the regular cast and DM of dimension 20, _ while Ward and Arielle are veterans of TTRPG Let’s Play with multiple credits in your name. Ward is a member of the Elecco de la Popular _Vampiro: the masquerade series The at night, _ while Arielle has appeared in the past _roll one-shots and is the weekly presenter Star Wars: The Upper Republic Show.

Anillo de Elden was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of the Almas series, but based on a world created in collaboration with George RR Martin. The game has an open world style map and a combat system that mixes dark _almas elements with other games such as _sekiro: shadows die twice, _ that also directed Miyazaki. _Anillo de Elden is one of the most anticipated games of the year and is expected to be in the contest for most of the year-end games awards.

Time Rol critico (A program created around a long-term D & D campaign) and Elden_ can not share an immediately recognizable link; Share something in common. When talking about the development of _anillo de Elden, _ Miyazaki pointed out that he built the world of the game using Martin’s material as if it were a “dungeon master manual in a table role set.”

Anillo de Elden Predecessor Almas Dark has also been in the desktop news lately, since SteamForged Games recently announced that I was publishing dark Souls: the role game. That game will use a modified version of _mazmorras y rules of the fifth edition of Dragons.

Tell Ring of Critical Role One-shot will be issued on March 1 at 7 p. m. (Pacific Time) on your Twitch channel. The VOD will be published on YouTube on March 3 and a version of Podcast will be published on March 8.

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