The latest season took off in Paladins, so players can already check the next hero, or drag horizontal in seasonal pass. Details on 7, or rather VII you will find here. This time we look at a different change that came into force along with a new update.

Hi-res decided to mix in the treatment and reduce this treatment in Paladins. So far, there was a subject called “Carpentry”, which was a counter to HP regeneration. Certification has become an indispensable element of each match and fixing its value has become a permanent element of the game – when other balancing changes were planned around its update.

The Big Problem With Paladins

Developers recognized that cautious in their current form – regardless of the value of treatment blocking – it is not a healthy paladin for the future. Therefore, they decided to change the approach to cautiously and reduce treatment at all. How?

They introduced a passive version of cautious, which each player will have in the main shots – and which will scale along with the development of the match. Thanks to this change, supporting figures should continue to feel that they affect the gameplay, and the strength of treatment will be in a healthier way to influence the game at every stage.

So if you log in to Paladins, do not be surprised that you will not find cautious about items. From now, you have a built-in it! Instead, you can buy “supplies”, that is, the subject restoring ammunition after winning the elimination. However, this is not everything.

Together with Season 5: A split to Paladins was to hit a new siege mode (extended). Hi-res decided to delay his premiere because of the attention of the community. As a result, this mode will appear no later than 16 February in the game. Developers ensure that it will be worth waiting a bit longer.