There is no doubt that Halo Infinite is the most popular game of the entire franchise, and it seems that it was also the most successful. We say this because according to 343 industries, The most recent delivery in the popular shooting franchise was already played by 20 million players to date, and counting.

The news was shared via the account of Twitter official of halo , where the following message was published:

With more than 20 million Spartans joining us to date, we are excited to announce that Halo Infinite is already the larger launch in Halo’s story.


Thank you all for joining us at this coming step of an incredible journey.

Certainly the HYPE that was for this game at the end worked, and as a result, Infinite has been enjoying many players since its launch. While it is true that there are no longer as many users active in the multiplayer section as in its first week, at all you will have problems finding games or anything like that. Like other saga games, infinite will continue to receive support for many more years and things are barely starting for players and for 343 industries.

In case you have not given you a chance, we recommend that you take a look at our written review, so you can know why you should not skip this new title.

Editor’s note: After the year of delay that this game had, the community began to worry and fairly right. In the end, all those who worry we were able to rest quietly, infinite is an excellent title that manages to combine almost perfectly a Single-Player campaign with a fun and frantic multiplayer.