Rapid sports director Zoran Basic expects a turbulent finish in the winter transfer window. There will probably be more accessories and departures in Dusseldorf.


Hardly a domestic Bundesliga club is so busy on the transfer market as the SK Rapid. Maximilian Pullman and Er can Kara already said Serves, Richard Stringer moved into the focus of Legit Warsaw and also Taxi Founts is extremely sought after.

Taxi Founts was and is very in demand. Everything is possible, Rapid Sports Director Zoran Basic is talking to the courier with other outlets.

We have gone to the maximum for the extension offer (for Kara, Note) – it was hopeless. But since summer, we have also rejected many, many offers for Er can. It was then a strategic decision to release us the sixth Legionnaire in the event of cases, Basic expects a new striker from abroad.

Who is concrete, is not yet known. With Rene Arawak and returnees Yusuf Emir, coach Ferdinand Feldhofer may look forward to fresh blood in the offensive. On Sunday, Rapid was also associated with Austria Listeners Paris Markovic. The 27-year-old Swiss achieved strong 19 goals in 14 games in the current 2nd league season and measures a height of 194 centimeters.

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