God of War Ragnarök was a game that was originally planned to debut last year, but as we all know, Sony decided to delay it until 2022. In fact, it will come out this year? While we still do not have an exact launch date, PlayStation reiterates that this title should be reaching our hands in the next 12 months.

It happens that PlayStation has published a list on its official site, which highlights 22 games that will be launched this 2022. This list includes things like Horizon Forbidden West, Elder Ring, Dying Light 2, Gran Tourism 7, and more. All these games already have a release date, and although Ragnarök still does not have it, Sony is sure that we can play it this year.

Obviously, things can change from today and the day it will be leaving Ragnarök , so there is still a chance that the expected title can be delayed once more. A few weeks ago, its possible release date was filtered, but we want to believe that it is merely provisional.

GOD OF WAR Ragnarök will reach PS5 and PS4 at some point of 2022.

Editor’s Note: It is worth remembering that the same said with Horizon Forbidden West, and we all know what happened in that case. We are still at the beginning of the year and yes, anything can happen, but I would prefer to stay cautious with all this and wait for some official confirmation.