Ansgar is a talented, young player we want to evolve, Rose said. However, this was not possible in Dortmund to be possible as it should be the case in Frankfurt in the future. Klaus was in the first round only nine times for the BVB professionals in the field, eight other missions he completed for the U 23 of the club in the 3rd league. In total too little, especially since Rose has gained the impression that Klaus the urge of fingers to show permanently at the highest level: We believe that it is his wish and his claim to go to the next step.

The clear ulterior idea of the rental business with the Frankfurt Contract be it that he gets there more playing than us. If he creates that, we believe that we can achieve an absolute value. Add value for Klaus, for the Contract – but also for the BVB, which hopes to get a talent more in the summer of 2023, but to get an established Bundesliga player back into its own ranks.