The Personalize Danny Later is currently a pretty problematic at the Bundesliga relegated FC Schalke 04. The most experienced all S04 professionals and actual team captain stood in the current season under head coach Dimitrios Grammars merely four times in the starting eleven. After his return from a knee injury, it was recently performance reasons that promoted the middle field leader to the bank. How long does that go?

Lastly, Schalke Chef Trainer Dimitrios Grammars was repeatedly addressed to the fact that he brought his play guide regularly only as a substitute — such as at the beginning of the year on the last Sunday against Holstein Kiel.

Even before the important spot match on Saturday evening at the FC Erzgebirge AUE (from 20:30 clock) Danny Later again was the topic for the S04 coach, which continues with his team as a table sixth behind his own standards.

Why should I have a problem with Danny? Grammars asked the counter question. A little later, the 43-year-old realized that there are no major difficulties with the 32-year-old Routine, who looked back in his professional career on more than 150 Bundesliga games for FC Schalke and Mainz 05.

Later according to Grammars A very important factor for the FC Schalke

Then I have to have a problem with all players who do not play. We are here in competitive Bundesliga relegateds, says Grammars, who was last annoyed by the constantly demanded justifications for your passenger decisions.

Whether Later will return to the team rather than five minutes on Saturday in AUE, Overmuch becomes the competition for Rodrigo Salazar or Blend Idris’s preference again, Schalke’s head coaches were still open.

After all, Grammar’s made clear about Later: He is a very important factor for us, not for nothing he is our captain.