The transactions disclosed by Yeshiva will be spread over several months, but the good news is that work has already begun, and the first phase is scheduled for next week!

Opening of Pacific Data Center

Promised by the manager at the Fan Festival last year, the new data center, Material, will land at the January 25 at 11am. It will contain 5 worlds named after the primordial Heavenward :

  • Havana
  • Bismarck
  • Sophia
  • Effort
  • Urban

These worlds will all be considered new worlds. Therefore, players create a character on the new servers will be entitled to bonus usual. You can find details on the website of the Lodest1. As for housing, they will be sold to the update 6.1, along with the arrival of the residential neighborhood to Asgard.

Also note that the worlds transfer service will be restarted on January 26 , allowing Pacific players move their characters on this new data center.

travel between data centers

This feature allows players to temporarily visit another data center was announced for End walker but delayed due to the current congestion. However, the development team believes that the situation is now stable enough for this service to be launched after the update 6.1.

However, as announced last year, the service is subject to some restrictions:

  • Travel that will be possible between the data center on the same physical server . At present, this means that players in European data centers can travel between Chaos and Light, but not on the US data centers, the new Japanese or Pacific Hub.
  • Travel to another data center is from the character selection screen. It will not be possible to do it once in play, as is the case for the trip inter-worlds.

Yoshida-san stated that the system theoretically supports travel to other parts centers, but the team wants to first assess the situation after the establishment of restricted service, due to the volume of data transmitted and the economy of the game very different according to regions. It is possible that in the future, players can move to any other world, regardless of region.

About the features in the game, it will not be possible to use the chat channels of your company or your free link shells when you move to another data center. It will be the same for communities that need to be on his home world. However, the search tool teams, progression quests and task tool will be accessible without worries.

Expansion of existing data center

All current regions (America, Japan and Europe) will be expanded to increase capacity Front of the game. These improvements will be made over several months, so be patient.

The Japan will be the first to enjoy a good facelift. No new world is expected, but the 32 existing worlds will be re-distributed over 4 data centers (4×8 worlds), against three at present (10 + 11 + 11). These changes are planned for July 2022.

For the North America already organized in three data centers each 8 worlds, the expansion will be in two stages. First, the addition of a new data center containing 4 worlds to August 2022. Due to the shortage of semiconductors, the second step will be implemented only in spring / summer 2023, and will add 4 more worlds to the new data center. This means that eventually, North America will have the same capabilities as Japan, 32 worlds of 4 data centers. Yeshiva also said that even greater changes are being discussed for the extension 7.0 of the game. But it will take some time to know the details.

Rest assured, the old continent has not been forgotten. Europe is also entitled to its expansion, in two stages. To start, 4 new worlds will be added, two on and two Chaoses on Light to align the number of worlds in center with other regions. This first stage is scheduled to July 2022 . Then in summer 2023 a new data center will be inaugurated with 8 worlds. This will make a total of 24 worlds in Europe, twice the current capacity! The team is more confident of having enough space in the European server to be ready to open a fourth data center as soon as it becomes necessary.

Finally, the producer and director Naomi Yeshiva wanted to speak directly to the players:

Once again, I want to apologize for the delay in the implementation of our data centers, as well as for disturbances and the inconveniences that it has caused by the community.

Know that we will continue to make every effort in the development of FFI , to create an environment where everyone will benefit from the best possible play conditions. EN 2022 and 2023, we will work again and again to make major improvements, without sparing our efforts and investments, while ensuring the impact of this work on your game, and we hope you will continue to us to support.

As I mentioned a little higher, we will also work in parallel not only on the balancing of the jobs, but also on the novelties, on the development of 6.x updates as well as that of the next extension 7.0. We will make you some ads at these topics by the end of February, so be present during the next letters from the producer Live!

We thank you all for your continued support, and hope you will continue to have a good time on Final Fantasy XIV .


Naomi Yeshiva, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV