Valve notified the fanatics of Data 2 with bad news. Even though the system DATA Pro Circuit provides a competition Major Soon, as part of the closure of the Winter Tour, will not be possible . The reason has to do with the pandemic context we live, which reports new strains of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and makes the logistics of some events more difficult.

By means of a publication on the official site, is confirmed that there will be no major . The idea was to have a LAN event with the best teams in the world, but travel restrictions and the uncertainty that is lived in some countries prevents clubs from engaging in a trip. As expected, the news was bitter for all the competitive followers. Even figures of the scene expressed the questionable communication management with respect to the announcement.

Later, Valve developed saying that, indeed, the omicron variant was one of the main reasons. Among the risk involved, complications when traveling and posture of some event organizers, the decision was painful but clear. It admits that, just as complaints expressed, a better work should be done in the communication of the details and evaluation of possibilities. We must be more open to listening to proposals in advance to find a way to close the first season , said Valve.

While there is a promise to carry out a tournament later, you will have to continue with the health protocols and be carried out in a convenient location. With The International 10 something similar occurred: Stockholm had reinforced its protocols, complicating the maximum Event of Data 2. As a result it had to be carried out in Romania, although there were positive cases of the COVID-19.


It is worth mentioning that it is not sure. From occurring, it is intended to use a face-to-face format, but taking into account the context we currently experience. As for the distribution of points, it received an adjustment.

Major 2:

  • 1st position: 680 points
  • 2nd place: 610 points
  • 3rd position: 530 points
  • 4th place: 460 points
  • 5.º / 6th place: 385 points
  • 7th / 8th place: 240 points

Major 3:

  • 1st position: 820 points

  • 2nd place: 740 points
  • 3rd position: 670 points
  • 4th place: 590 points
  • 5° / 6th place: 515 points
  • 7th / 8th place: 360 points