The year 2021 remained to be formed by the Corona Pandemic, which brought better constraints in public life. Also, politically it was a really turbulent year. In Germany, 2021 finished after 16 years the Chancellery of Angela Merkel, she was no more working for the basic election.


Yet in FIFA 21, EA did the experiment to put such cosmetics directly right into the fut-shop — and the prices rates in comparison to player cards. Even after that, the entire point was not great for numerous followers.

Really, the Ultimate Team Cosmetics in the Store of FIFA 22 have a heavy state with the gamers. Yet a present collection seems to be the gold exemption of the rule.

| D AS Issue with the FUT-COSMETICS: For a long time, Cosmetics such as stadium modifications, funky club layers of arms or cropped jerseys belong to Ultimate Team. They got them in the previous mostly by finishing objectives, or from corresponding packs. Because they did not trouble the gamers particularly, and you can obtain several items still so by the way today.

In FIFA 22, the Cosmetics in the shop have actually developed a bit wide, however gamers still have their problems with it. As in October 2021 a package for all 135,000 coins was gone live, the difficulty was great — not only the rate, however likewise the apparently arbitrary, inappropriate motif of the package was criticized hard.

Generally, the mood around the shop cosmetics in FUT is seldom favorable. However, a cosmetic collection is simply an unusually excellent mood in the area. And this below:

Followers commemorate Emperor Puff in FIFA 22 — Yet why?

What is this for a set? Who is traveling in the fut shop, finds the Emperor Puff products there. A set of four items, each show a massive, white kitten in the Roman ruler look:

  • Already in FIFA 20, the Cream cosmetics that can be produced concerning a season progress — a kind of FIFA fight pass.
  • In FIFA 21 there was still a Halloween version that gave it from an SBC.

  • There is a significant pet cat palace that can stretch followers in the arena.

  • The ruler pet cat can be picked as a Club coat of arms.
  • The adjustable stadium can be supplied with the Emperor Puff style.
  • And the big pet cat in itself is likewise available as Chores. You can after that hang you off the feline royal residence.

Currently, during that time, the cat did disappoint any type of sense in the FIFA context. Somehow she won the hearts of the area. Possibly, just because it was puzzled. And a feline.

Simply put: you can stuff your own stadium so packed with feline photos that passes the opponent and also see.

As a total rate, the set of four things sets you back 45,000 coins, or you pay 15,000 for the individual initial, if you do not all desire. Although these are still a lot of coins — however already much less than the 135,000 coins of the war criticized back then.

What should that be finished with the feline? This package obviously was not selected by opportunity — due to the fact that the white kitten has actually long been a point with FIFA gamers.

This is exactly how the community responds: Now the Cream Cat returns as Emperor Puff — just in the shop. But as opposed to tossing the brand-new cosmetic in the store with hatred, the gamers in the FIFA Subreddit are virtually completely in the various other direction.

And even if the Emperor cat probably likewise has little to do with football, the bundle damn well in the FIFA Subreddit. That was nearly to be anticipated — due to the fact that the thing has a little history with FIFA fans.

Several still find that the item is rubbish — in this case but great nonsense:

At the same time, the neighborhood is currently making use of the following occasion. Since the new Tony Warm up Series was announced for FIFA 22.

Actually, the Ultimate Team Cosmetics in the Store of FIFA 22 have a heavy state with the gamers. | D AS Problem with the FUT-COSMETICS: For some time, Cosmetics such as arena modifications, funky club layers of arms or cropped jerseys are component of Ultimate Team. What is this for a set? That is taking a trip to the fut shop, discovers the Emperor Puff things there. Already at that time, the pet cat did not show any type of sense in the FIFA context.

In general, lots of players appear to be delighted concerning the Creamupff return — and also are obviously even all set to spend for the Cosmetics. You should still think concerning it twice — for 45,000 coins, you ultimately get some really great gamers on the low-standing transfer market in FIFA 22.

  • It injures to do that, however I require the outright, writes an individual (using Reddit).
  • That’s as well best, I have a group with the topic of Rome and Cream is the ideal. I hardly play a fat, but that’s a mandatory purchase, claims Individual Bacilli (via Reddit).
  • I dislike such stuff, but that’s really amazing, discovers User CES NIX (via Reddit).
  • I’ll purchase that due to the fact that of the advantage you get when the challengers see The Puff and tip over claims Customer DoubleWordscore (by means of Reddit).
  • I get any cost-free success that makes the power reveals individual stagnation ever before (using Reddit).