Extensive maps, 100 players, everyone against everyone, only one survived — PUBG: Battlegrounds, formerly Player unknown’s battlegrounds, has greatly made the Battle-Royale principle. In the shooter, you imagine the exciting fight for Winner Chicken Dinner and not only proves target accuracy with the mouse, but also Kluges.

There can only be one!

The term Battle Royale derives from the Japanese novel of the same name, which was filmed in 2000 by Kanji Murasaki. As in these two works, it is also in PUBG: Battlegrounds around the survival fight in a staked area. 100 players jump through parachute and as soon as they landed on the ground, it just means for them: Just do not give away the spoon!

Weapons are your best friends in PUBG: Battlegrounds

So you can put yourself in the multiplayer game to the fight, you need weapons. Just started without any means of self-defense. So you should see that you can seek houses as soon as possible in which pistols, shotguns, storm and sniper rifles are. PUBG: Battleground includes dozens of shooting biases and also some objects for melee.

The strongest argument amplifiers are particularly rare or anyway only included in supply boxes that are regularly thrown over the game world. In addition, Mudpacks, helmets and protective west help you to stay on the legs in direct duel with opponents.

alone, for two or in squad?

You can play alone and thus compete against 99 other players. But like this is the case with online games, PUBG also makes: Battleground’s most fun when you’re traveling with friends. This goes both in the duo and in squad with four players — or threes when the fourth man is missing, but then you and your team just have a disadvantage. You can also choose if you want to play in the Third or rather in the more and more sophisticated first-person perspective.

Court ware alone does not guarantee success

In contrast to the great competitor Fortnite is PUBG: Battlegrounds significantly more realistic. This shows not only in the graphics, but also in the shooter gameplay of the action game. Anyone who wants to hunt lead into the skull in the skull here on a great distance, must always keep the trajectory of the ball in mind — and that falls differently with each weapon.

But not only your shooting skills are in demand in pub. Only those who tactically make clever decisions will be the last survivor. Do you use the various vehicles to get from A to B quickly, but thus all the opponents are attentive to you in the nearby area? Or are you moving a bar away? Stupid only that the game zone is getting smaller and all who are outside this range suffer constant damage. Time pressure is a permanent problem in PUBG: Battlegrounds — and next to the other players your probably the greatest enemy.

For a long time the title was chargeable. At the beginning of 2022 manufacturer PROTON has changed it to a free-to-play model. So if you do not have a pub already in his collection, it can now download it for free and play without restrictions.

PUBG: Battlegrounds


Huge cards

Extremely exciting shootings

Many weapons

Playable in ego and shoulder perspective


Technically not quite mature

Cars with bad driving physics

4/5 stars

Now PUBG: Play Battlegrounds!