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Steam offers: 15 essential games for less than 5 euros

Steam welcomes the sections of Lunar New Year from January 27 to February 3, 2022, a new opportunity to make with PC video games in digital format at the best price. So much so, that this time we want to offer a list of the best titles at demolition prices, all of them for less than 5 euros . Discover authentic plays at the best price on the Valve platform.

The best Steam games for less than 5 euros

Among our selected titles we find genres of all kinds of video games of several times, from authentic cleurossic to best-selling not long ago. Among them, you can find the award-winning indie Celeste , the prequel deal saga de Sega yakuza 0 , the blunt and violent doom , a cleurossic euros Balder’s gate II in its version Enhanced or the celebrated adventure of the dark gentleman Batman: Arkham Knight , among many others. And all of them for less than 5 euros!

We leave you with our selection of Steam games on offer for less than 5 euros :

  • The Sims 4 for 4.79 euros (88% discount)
  • Left 4 Dead 2 for 1.63 euros (80% discount)
  • Com 2 for 4.99 euros (90% discount)
  • Undertake for 2.99 euros (70% discount)
  • Batman: Arkham Knight for 3.99 euros (80% discount)
  • The Witcher 2: eurosseurossins of Kings Enhanced Edition for 2.99 euros (85% discount)
  • Titan Quest Anniversary Edition for 4.99 euros (75% discount)
  • Dishonored by 2.49 euros (75% discount)
  • Celeste by 4.99 euros (75% discount)

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  • Doom for 4.99 euros (75% discount)
  • Yakuza 0 for 4.99 euros (75% discount)
  • eurosseurossin’s Creed Unity for 4.49 euros (85% discount)
  • Unravel Two for 4.99 euros (75% discount)
  • Outleurost for 2.51 euros (85% discount)
  • Balder’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition for 4.79 euros (70% discount)

Paladins removed an important object, stirring in treatment and cautery

The latest season took off in Paladins, so players can already check the next hero, or drag horizontal in seasonal pass. Details on 7, or rather VII you will find here. This time we look at a different change that came into force along with a new update.

Hi-res decided to mix in the treatment and reduce this treatment in Paladins. So far, there was a subject called “Carpentry”, which was a counter to HP regeneration. Certification has become an indispensable element of each match and fixing its value has become a permanent element of the game – when other balancing changes were planned around its update.

The Big Problem With Paladins

Developers recognized that cautious in their current form – regardless of the value of treatment blocking – it is not a healthy paladin for the future. Therefore, they decided to change the approach to cautiously and reduce treatment at all. How?

They introduced a passive version of cautious, which each player will have in the main shots – and which will scale along with the development of the match. Thanks to this change, supporting figures should continue to feel that they affect the gameplay, and the strength of treatment will be in a healthier way to influence the game at every stage.

So if you log in to Paladins, do not be surprised that you will not find cautious about items. From now, you have a built-in it! Instead, you can buy “supplies”, that is, the subject restoring ammunition after winning the elimination. However, this is not everything.

Together with Season 5: A split to Paladins was to hit a new siege mode (extended). Hi-res decided to delay his premiere because of the attention of the community. As a result, this mode will appear no later than 16 February in the game. Developers ensure that it will be worth waiting a bit longer.

BVB – Erling Haaland Nours comeback

Borussia Dortmund’s currently injured striker Erlang Haaland has hoped for an early comeback. I train well and will be back soon, said the scorer in the interview with the Norwegian TV station via play Football.

Haaland did not call a precise time. However, he assured that he also pulls strength from his injuries.

The worst thing is to be able to play. My great desire for the rest of my career is not to be injured. That’s the most important thing, said the 21-year-old: On the other hand, it’s only hungry to success
The BVB had hardly informed details about Haaland injury. The Norwegian suffer from muscular problems, which, however, require treatment as well as further investigations in the coming days, Dortmund announced on Monday.

Haaland did not want to comment on the much discussed topic of a farewell from Dortmund on Wednesday. Everything was said, he stressed, It just felt like it’s time to say something. Now I do not want to talk about it anymore. What was said is said.

SCSI, Lewy, Haaland and Co.: The best BVB penalty shooters

BVB: Haaland’s contract is still running until 2024

In the middle of January he had publicly complained about the handling of his person after the 5: 1 in the Bundesliga against the SC Freiburg. The leaders of the BVB would put him under pressure and push for a decision.

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Haaland still owns a contract at the BVB until June 2024. He can leave the DFB Cup winner in summer but because of an exit clause for 75 million euros.

Halo Infinite is already the most successful launch of the whole saga

There is no doubt that Halo Infinite is the most popular game of the entire franchise, and it seems that it was also the most successful. We say this because according to 343 industries, The most recent delivery in the popular shooting franchise was already played by 20 million players to date, and counting.

The news was shared via the account of Twitter official of halo , where the following message was published:

With more than 20 million Spartans joining us to date, we are excited to announce that Halo Infinite is already the larger launch in Halo’s story.


Thank you all for joining us at this coming step of an incredible journey.

Certainly the HYPE that was for this game at the end worked, and as a result, Infinite has been enjoying many players since its launch. While it is true that there are no longer as many users active in the multiplayer section as in its first week, at all you will have problems finding games or anything like that. Like other saga games, infinite will continue to receive support for many more years and things are barely starting for players and for 343 industries.

In case you have not given you a chance, we recommend that you take a look at our written review, so you can know why you should not skip this new title.

Editor’s note: After the year of delay that this game had, the community began to worry and fairly right. In the end, all those who worry we were able to rest quietly, infinite is an excellent title that manages to combine almost perfectly a Single-Player campaign with a fun and frantic multiplayer.

So cut Germany at handball

The European Championship in Hungary and Slovakia, where the German team played exclusively, goes to the crucial games. With the medals, the DHB team weakened by Corona Early has definitely nothing to do this year.

The fifth place from the European Championship 2020 will not hold or even kept the two-time European champion (2014 and 2016). In the main round Germany lost all three games and can advance at most with a victory against Russia on Tuesday (18 o’clock, live! At DHB team) in four of the group II. The third place, which would entitle to play for the game five, is except range in view of 2: 6 points.

The German placements at a glance:


1994 \ – 9th place
1996 \ – 8th place
1998 \ – 3rd place
2000 \ – 9th place
2002 \ – 2nd place
2004 \ – European champion in Slovenia (30:25 against the host)
2006 \ – 5th place
2008 \ – 4th place
2010 \ – 10th place
2012 \ – 7th place
2014 \ – not qualified for the first time
2016 \ – European champion in Poland (24:17 against Spain)
2018 \ – 9th place
2020 \ – 5th place
2022 \ -?
2024 \ – Germany is first organizer of a European Championship

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin has a new trailer

It has been a long time since we had some kind of novelty related to Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin . It seems that the bad reception that the game had during its revelation in 2021 certainly affected Square Enix, but do not worry that you have just arrived a new (and last trailer) that you can enjoy next.

The advance in question focuses more on the history of the game than in its gameplay, so if you were waiting to see more of this last, you will be disappointed. However, it seems that history will be an important element for the game, because despite having several similarities to the games of fromSoftware , Stranger of Paradise will have a more traditional narrative.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Debut the March 15, 2022 for consoles PlayStation, XBOX and PC.


Editor’s Note: After having played his demo last year, I was happy with what was shown. There are still a few details, but I think Stranger of Paradise has potential to be one of the great surprises of 2022.

Rapid Vienna: Turbulent Winter

Rapid sports director Zoran Basic expects a turbulent finish in the winter transfer window. There will probably be more accessories and departures in Dusseldorf.


Hardly a domestic Bundesliga club is so busy on the transfer market as the SK Rapid. Maximilian Pullman and Er can Kara already said Serves, Richard Stringer moved into the focus of Legit Warsaw and also Taxi Founts is extremely sought after.

Taxi Founts was and is very in demand. Everything is possible, Rapid Sports Director Zoran Basic is talking to the courier with other outlets.

We have gone to the maximum for the extension offer (for Kara, Note) – it was hopeless. But since summer, we have also rejected many, many offers for Er can. It was then a strategic decision to release us the sixth Legionnaire in the event of cases, Basic expects a new striker from abroad.

Who is concrete, is not yet known. With Rene Arawak and returnees Yusuf Emir, coach Ferdinand Feldhofer may look forward to fresh blood in the offensive. On Sunday, Rapid was also associated with Austria Listeners Paris Markovic. The 27-year-old Swiss achieved strong 19 goals in 14 games in the current 2nd league season and measures a height of 194 centimeters.

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Phil Spencer wishes to keep Phone call of Task in PlayStation: “Sony is a vital part of the sector”

It is worth stating, that Spencer’s words just express the ‘need’ not to get rid of the popular Activision Blizzard saga from Sony systems, and as a result, it ought to not be taken as a main confirmation of what will take place later on. Nevertheless, it is very important to know the intentions of the leader of Xbox, particularly regarding something of the cod quality so pertinent in the PlayStation neighborhood.


Sony is a vital part of the Phil Spencer industry I had calls this week with Sony’s leaders, Spencer mentioned. I verified our intention to honor all existing arrangements after getting Activision Blizzard as well as our desire to maintain Phone call of Responsibility at PlayStation. According to words of him, Sony is an essential part of the sector, as well as Microsoft values the partnership with this business.

The purchase of Activision Blizzard gave Microsoft numerous studios , and at the same time, renowned franchise business As Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and a lot more. Personalities who have been named with love over the years, such as Collision Bandicoot as well as Spiro, additionally belong to Xbox now. PlayStation, on the various other hand, was shared after the surprising information, hoping that the Blizzard Activision Games remain multiplatform. Although it is still extremely early to recognize the verdict with the rest of the sagas, a minimum of Phone call of Responsibility was named today.

Phil Spencer , Leader of Xbox, has simply launched an information that will surely guarantee several players. After the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the situation between Phone call of Obligation, one of the most preferred sagas in the sector, and Sony doubted. Now, we understand that Spencer wants to keep the FPS in PlayStation in the future.

In the statement of the Purchase Contract, Spencer already dropped its placement on this topic: You can play the Titles of Activision Blizzard on a range of platforms, as well as we intend to continue sustaining those communities in the future.

Public beta version released!

PANIC has published a public beta version of the game development tool PLAYMATE of the new mobile game machine Playmate which is scheduled to be shipped at the beginning of 2022.

PULP is available free of charge from the browser and can be performed by clicking on most tasks, including graphics and sounds. At the moment only in English, it is not possible to understand each item as simple. In addition, PULP is one of the development tools, supporting LUA and C, and also plans to release a complete SDK that includes a simulator operating on the desktop.

Playmate characteristic of cranks that can be curved. There may be no new sense games that have never been done so far. This machine is reserved at the official site.

Racer Hammerhead Duo Console Gaming Earphone Racer Green Limited Edition
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The next-generation Need for Speed launch date was filtered

The new necessity of speed according to reports, the game will be launched this year. In June 2020, EA and Criterion revealed a Game Need for Speed ​​of Next Generation. This was before PS5 and Xbox Series X went on sale. Since then, the next-generation consoles were launched and were available for more than a year. At that time, we have not seen anything of this new necessity of the game game. In fact, EA has only provided a single significant game update since then, which arrived in November 2020, when he told investors that the game would launch at some point between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. Unfortunately, EA and Criterion has not yet said anything about the game, despite its next launch, which in turn suggests that it could be delayed out of this window. And this could be true, but according to a new report, the launch of the game is scheduled for this year.


Bringing to Twitter, privileged information of EA Tom Henderson the word transmitted that the game will be launched at some time in September or October. Unfortunately, Henderson does not limit the launch beyond this. What he does is to mention that the development of the game was stopped last summer for Criterion Games to help the development of Battle 2042.

This is where the report ends. At the time of publication, neither EA nor criterion nor anyone related to either of them has commented on this report. Until this happens, or until official information is provided, take everything here with a grain of salt, since everything is unofficial and is subject to change. If the new necessity of speed the game will be launched this year, it should be revealed at the latest in EA PLAY this June. In other words, fans should not have to wait much more to get more information about the game we know almost nothing and that we have not seen real images.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two by making us know what you think or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler Fischer To talk about everything related to games. What do you want to see in the next Necessity of speed game?

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