Hallo Infinite constantly collects positive feedback, although a few words of criticism fell to the Single-Player campaign. Nevertheless, Multiplayer is brave and attracts more and more players. Maybe because of the free payment? Or maybe because of the medium-bad competition? I do not judge me. It counts that people are doing well, and now they have received another reason for joy. After all, the cat’s ears were introduced!

Hallo Infinite received Winter Contingency, a typical Christmas event under which you can stock up a handful of thematic cosmetic objects. You do not need to try to get a sweetheart, because you just play. The attribute is available until January 4 and at this time log in to Halo Infinite and finish the match on the Arena or Big Team Battle.

People are going CRAZY for Halo Infinite's cat ears! #shorts

The awards are distributed daily until December 30 and is their total ten. If you missed anything lost, you can make up for it, time is sufficiently enough. Unfortunately, in this festive scarves are missing free, cat ear. People who want to enter them must pay $10 (1000 Halo Credits) for the Cat Lovers set. It consists of four items, apart from the mentioned dumplings on the helmet, we still have Faded Blush Armor Coating, Tabby and Kat Gun Charms.

Interestingly, not everyone answers their presence in the game, as well as the price. Some players pay attention to that the cat’s ears are non-exclusive, and completely unnecessary and too expensive. Similar voices of dissatisfaction appeared at previous, paid cosmetic objects, where some players expressed their dissatisfaction loud due to the presence of microtranship.

It is worth recalling that Multiplayer Halo Infinite is available for free, and the Cat Lovers set contains four items for $10. I do not intend to defend developers here, but we simply do not exaggerate. Especially that USA enjoy crazy popularity. UWA or something.