After the disaster that was Alan Wonder world at the beginning of the year, many thought that Yuri NASA’s career, co-creator of Sonic, had come to an end. However, the designer pointed out that he would begin the development of a simple game for mobile devices. Well, said and done, NASA already has a new title, which you can enjoy at the moment for free.

Through your official Twitter account, NASA announced shot2048, a mobile title that is already available on the Google Play Store and App Store. The developer has indicated that this is the first game that has created alone, without The help of someone else, in the last 37 years. This is the description of shot2048 :

The purpose is to shoot the same number to reach 2048, but point to more. Touch to move the number to the left or to the right and release your finger to shoot the number. If you hit the same number, the numbers will be combined and added. The game ends when the numbers stop in the red area of ​​the game in the foreground.

At the moment it is unknown what Yuri NASA will do in the future. After the failure of ALAN UNDERWORLD, There are not many studies that you want to give this developer an opportunity, and it seems that the only way is to work independently, or create your own study.

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On related topics, here you can see the first trailer of SONIC Frontiers. In the same way, the advance of sonic the hedgehog is now available.

Editor’s note:

Yuri NASA has the potential to be a good developer, but it seems that all the ideas of him simply can not specify. This results in a series of experiences that, at best, are poorly valued, or simply end up being equally horrible than to Wonder world.