After the cracker against the Finnish champion Luck Trauma, the ETC Red Bull Munich may dream of the coronation in the CHL. Everything is possible, was the coach Don Jackson after the second collection of club history into the semi-finals of the premier class. We are very, very happy about it, Torcher said Frederik Differs after the nervous one 2: 1 in the extension on Tuesday evening.

Aggressiveness and patience : Jackson pleases the mix

22.8.2015 kolmas puolivälierä Lukko-KaMa
Jackson was very proud of his team. To answer such a week with such a big victory, the team will return self-confidence, said the American and said the two defeats in the club in the DEL. In the CHL, the Muncher switched up after 2: 2 in quarter-finals but again in good time. Things are not always great. But the key is to be able to quickly give the right answer, Jackson said.

In the first third, the three-time German master was still difficult — no wonder. The guys can run skating, that’s really brutal, the Munich Match winner Justin Schultz praised the opponent. They played touring partly to the wall. For Jackson, it went in the first third for peace and resistance. We were aggressive, but also had to be patient, he explained. We were not allowed to make mistakes. That was the big challenge in the first third.

Prevent another inventory in the gates. And there were the Munich on Danny from the birch. The outstanding goalie got a cowbell after the final whistle: With this ritual, team intersect the players of the game is named. In the second third, the K.-O. Backbame then picked up to drive for the ETC. Sebastian Repo (33.) In the leadership, Differs (39.) brought the Finnish guests, but shortly thereafter. Schultz provided the Overtime for Bavarian Cheers in the third minute.

pulled out of the swamp on my own chief

I’ve not done so good games, not much played. It has done brutally well to help the team for a victory, Schultz said. I’m so happy. Completely right. The last German representative remaining in the competition can now reach the final as last in 2019. The first leg against Tap para Tamper takes place on January 4th (20.30 clock) in Munich, the second leg on January 11 (18.00 clock).

If the Munich also turns off the next Finnish rivals, a new edition of the 2019 final would be possible. At that time, the ETC was defeated against Rotunda HC from Gothenburg. Rotunda meets in a purely Swedish semi-final on Role BK from Angelo.

We pulled ourselves the swamp out of the swamp after a few hard defeats in the past week, Jackson summed up after difficult days for his team. In special lots, however, his team can also play special. Maybe this time is even enough for the coup in the royal class.