In destiny 2 has existed snowballs since the first burglary event, which lie around on the tower. Now Bungee changed her function again and makes it more useful than ever. Why you should use them and how strong they are, you will learn here on Mango.

What are snowballs in Destiny 2? In Destiny 2, the snow-capped surfaces were on the social space of the keepers. There, players were able to pick up a ball of snow and throw them on with hales.

Then guardians could allow a joke and to pin a snowball battle. Once you have been hit by a ball, you were slowing down and could not pick up any further projectile for a while.

However, Bungee considered a bit of different and designed this nice bauble in something more useful. Now you can use them in combat, upgrade them and benefit from it.

How To Find And Use Piles Of Snowballs For The Dawning 2021 Destiny 2 - Easy Snowball Farm For Kills
Snowballs are useful tools in the fight

By changing bungee you can find the snowballs again in selected activities and across Europe. They design themselves very useful as opponents can be frozen and even killed by them.

Eva Levant, the organizer of the winter events, also offers numerous upgrades that make your snowballs more effective and deadly. For this you only need per upgrade 20 Breakthrough atmosphere that you get by booties that collect the delivery of cookies or ingredients with the ship star driver 7 m.

Which upgrades there are? There are five upgrades that build up. So you can not buy the last upgrade, but must first purchase the previous ones. These are all upgrades with effect:

Long winter — extends the duration of slowing down snowballs
Even longer winter — increases the slowing effect on fighters suffered by the snowball damage
The longest winter snowballs freeze opponents immediately when they suffered damage
Stay cool — leave snowballs when they hit a stasis mine
Infinite gift — the cutters of frozen opponents causes them to drop snowballs

Also works the MOD Focus Lens ? In the artifact of the 15th Season, there is a mod that is called focus lens. Equipped with this in the class article, your bonus damage can cause opponents if they are affected by Stasis.

The fact that bungee has passed the frosty balls the element stasis can benefit from this mod. Enjoy your opponents simply with your Thunderbrachen or the Nova bomb for the last blow.

What do you think of the revised snowballs? Do you think you cool and helpful or is not that for you? Do you prefer to leave for Ages Better? It tells us in the comments what you think of it.