The time of clashes is fast approaching in the sanctuary countries. Nearly 3 months after its release, DIABLO II: Resurrected sees landing a ranking system and changes on the different classes on the patch 2.4. But these are not the only novelties to wait, since new runic words are also announced. More than 10 years after the last balancing update, a new meta seems to be profiled.

All these novelties are not yet detailed. This is mainly necessary to detail the contents of the patch 2.4 before arriving at the test servers at the beginning of the year 2022. These modifications and changes can still evolve in the coming weeks.

Ranking, Seasons and Rewards

Just like the original title, the ranking system offers 4 different modes. Planned at the moment to last 4 months, the seasons will allow players to compete to get the best place. Rewards are planned when a certain landing is reached, including obtaining unpublished runic words. These are created for the occasion, and can not be recovered other than by playing with a seasonal character.

the equilibilities of diablo II at the patch 2.4

On March 23, 2010, was released version 1.13c of DIABLO II, marking the last balancing update for the original game. From now on, with the patch 2.4, developers seek to modify the meta and offer greater diversity while retouching some talents. No details for the moment, but each class will have new tools to get by in the highest difficulties.


Melee skills are targeted. An increase in its body-to-corps efficiency should allow the Amazon to diversify its possibilities. Skills like Impaled or Recluse are in particular at the heart of this balancing. Some arc and crossbow skills are also planned to improve their playability for the highest difficulties.


If martial arts are one of its disciplines, the difficulty of composing management makes this tree deciduous over the progress. The goal is to improve the generation and spending of combos points to fill this difficulty. Some little used traps are also targeted by this balancing, in order to make them more interesting in certain circumstances.

Diablo II Resurrected Patch 2.4 (Ladder Announced, New Rune Words, Class Balancing, & More!!!)

Master of the fight, the barbaric lacks’ diversity, especially with his combat skills. Skills as scary header should enjoy an improvement and better synergy with the rest of the warrior’s kit. In addition, the barbarous launcher lacks viability. Mastery of the launch and double launch should therefore enjoy an improvement.


The elementary lane of the fire is in the viewfinder, lacking maximum difficulty damage. In addition, the invocations skills are also considered weak and should benefit from a clear improvement. Many skills will be reviewed to have good synergy, but also more damage to help the class.


Try few things are disturbing about this class. However, some Gems lack damage or life according to the difficulty and will be improved. Similarly, bone skills will benefit from balancing to make them more competitive.


The combat skills of the paladin, like the fist of heaven, are quite little used. Improvements are therefore planned to make them more attractive. Offensive Auras will also enjoy this patch to be improved at short distance.


Even if the class is already very versatile, some skills are too little used. In the cold way, these are the armor that are targeted to make their effects more distinct. For the lane of the fire, it is especially the hydra which disappoints.


The mercenaries will also be entitled to a few changes for the patch 2.4 of DIABLO II: resurrected. Many players take advantage of the mercenaries of LUT Golden to evolve, which Adventist the developers. The other three mercenaries are therefore revised on the rise so as not to be left out.

Cube Horatio

New Runic Word Recipes arrive at stake. These combinations are intended to offer new object configurations, and therefore new possibilities. Some sets that lacked impact should be able to benefit from these recipes to strengthen.