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For spoken is the first game of the newly established studios Luminous Productions, and it looks damn promising. Part of the team was previously involved in Final Fantasy 15, whose influence is not to be overlooked: For spoken offers a great fantasy world with magic Parkour and frantic battles. On a preview event of Square Enix, we received a comprehensive insight into the varied gameplay of For spoken. We could not allude itself, but what we saw, definitely makes you want more.

The story is still room for improvement

The story of For spoken initially sounds like a simple Sakai history of — a Japanese subgenre, is transported in a character from the real world into a fantasy world. The young protagonist Frey Holland is unhappy with her life in New York and want to leave the city. How fitting that she later lands little through a magical portal into the fabulous world of Atria, where they not only provide monsters must, but also its inhabitants who fear Frey or her behavior with skepticism because they otherwise are.

How ironic: Even in the fantasy world Frey remains an outsider. For this they receive support from their magical bangle cuff. The chemistry between the two is right, and they seem like a nice duo. One may wonder whether this impression remains spread throughout the entire game and what development will make their relationship as the story progresses.

A central aspect of the presentation was shown Frey’s character. One of the great strengths of the game is supposed to be that it is a strong and independent woman. We only hope that selvages involvement in other figures, the main and sub-plots and Forsaken fantasy world can be found again.

Many new things we did not know about the story. The villains of the story and their motivation remain mysterious; come and what further threats and conflicts Frey, are still provided with a large question mark. We know only about the break that it is a gloomy fog in Atria, the dangerous creatures and boss monsters causing.

Magical gameplay

Although the story of For spoken looks even slightly like a simple children’s story, but can you convince the world and gameplay preview event. The so-called magic Parkour looks like lots of fun. In the fantasy world you long jumps can perform, Dashed in the air and float. This is strongly reminiscent of the motion system from Infamous, but on a new level. Frey slides smoother, more fluid and more quickly through their environment.

Even the combat system is expected to occur players Infamous familiar. In For spoken it combines dynamic melee and ranged combat — with a greater focus on ranged attacks. Finally, the battle system is completely based on magic. you are different spells available to opponents from a safe distance with projectiles at to lure them into well-placed traps or do. The different spells can be changed in the fight in the middle. If you are not on a beating from, you can, you also disguise and sneak past so at enemies. Whether her in the Story quests always have the choice between Rambo and Stealth have will, we do not know.

Opponents diversity convinced so far, but also does not make much new. Some enemies shoot from a distance, others rush toward you, and still others attack you from the air. In any case, timely dodging the key to victory. All in all, the fighting act varied enough and a learning curve can be seen, so Forsaken struggles are likely to hold several hours. Only Frey’s constant pseudo cool comments in the fight have been already in the presentation a bit too much. We hope that will be readjusted there, or they can be completely disabled, perhaps using a menu option.

In addition, you can role-play typical new magical abilities and improvements unlock. As you equip Frey with magical accessories such as necklaces or fingernails jewelry, you will receive bonuses that strengthen you in battle. The jacket, which you equip, is not just a cosmetic article, it also affects your stats. Also, you can improve by level up your skills or find collectibles for further upgrades.

Why should keep an eye on her For spoken

The fantasy role-playing game looks promising; The story still throws doubts. However, we remain optimistic, because for researchers, Amy Henning and Gary Whit ta have participated among others. Henning has been responsible for the first three Uncharted games, which is praised mainly for their well-written figures. Thus, there is a reason for the hope that the characters should also have some depth in outspoken. Whit ta has been responsible for movies like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Book of Eli and meets a similar function as hen. In addition, the music of Forsaken could still get a lot of roots, because here too, the game brows with great names. Responsible for that is Bear McCready, also the soundtrack for the 2018 God of was composed, as well as Garry Schema, known for the music from Bios hock.

Foreskin becomes an interesting mix of Japanese and Western influences. The gameplay definitely makes you want more. Now the talented team of Luminous Productions has to get it to tell an exciting story in a fresh fantasy world. Whether the developers master this challenge, you are expected to on May 24, 2022, when foreseen for PlayStation 5 and PC appears. Xbox’s players, however, have to be patient for a very long time, because the fantasy adventure remains two years ps5-exclusive.