The skulls have always been a basic element in the Halo series, providing players the opportunity to alter their gaming experience as they move in a chapter of the epic adventure of the master chief. However, these elements are not activated automatically when it finds them. Instead, you will have to activate them yourself. Here is How to activate Skulls in Halo Infinite.

Unlock Skulls

Before you can activate a skull, you will have to unlock it by looking for it somewhere in Zeta Halo or in one of the most linear missions of Halo Infinite. You can consult our Halo Infinite Skull Locations Guide here to get a quick summary of where to find them all.

Activating Skulls in Halo Infinite

To activate a skull, you must leave your game and return to the Campaign menu.

Next, select Load game instead of continuing, then select the saved file you want to load.

After choosing this, you will have difficulty and skull menus among which you can choose. Select Skulls, then you can choose the ones you found and unlocked to activate.

When you want to deactivate a skull, follow the same process and deactivate it.

all the Spears of Halo Infinite and what they do

Age — Duplicate the explosion radius.
Concerto — The acceleration of explosions increases.
Plug — Enemies launch and release more grenades.
Fog — Deactivates movement tracking.

All — Rare combat dialogues are becoming more common.
Blind — HUD and weapon are not displayed on the screen.
Storm — improves the range of most enemies.
Black Eye — Your shields are only recharged when you struggle against enemies melee.
Hamburg — The weapons that throw the enemies have half the ammunition they would normally have.
Mythical — Enemies have more health.
Birthday party growl — Shooting at Grunt’s head lead to glorious celebrations.
Scarf — Grants unlimited ammunition for weapons and grenades and eliminates the reuse times of the equipment.

Halo Infinite - All 12 Skulls Locations Guide - Catacomb Achievement (Campaign)

That’s all you need to know How to activate Skulls in Halo Infinite. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or consult more information about the game below.

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