The Rocket League Championship Series (RCS) are electronic sport tournaments organized by Psionic on the Rocket League game. These are the most distinguished competitions of Rocket League because it is the Rocket League World Championships.

Despite anemic stocks for the latest Microsoft and Sony consoles, there are still Xbox Series available. There are packages for acquiring the console accompanied by games or accessories. Here for you the best Xbox Series packs to (s’) offer at Christmas. In the limit of the available stock.
XBOX Series X Edition Halo Infinite

Emblematic Saga of the Microsoft Console, Halo always capsize the hearts of its fans. And they are spoiled since Microsoft offers an infinite HALO console in limited edition. In the box you will be able to find the console, but also the joystick decorated with the patterns of the title. The game is of course understood in all, what to take the commands of Master Chief upon opening the cardboard.

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Best Xbox Series X Games to Play this Christmas

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XBOX Series S + Fortnite + Rocket League

The Xbox Series is a completely digital console. If the power is below what the Series X offers, it is, on the other hand, more affordable for which does not need to play in 4K 60 FPS. For Christmas, this console is available in pack, including the console as well as two games for download: Fortnite and Rocket League. In addition, you will also have the right to a few bonuses like an exclusive skin as well as 1000 credits to spend in each game.

Xbox Series Pack S + Fortnite + Rocket League

XBOX Series S + Xbox Game Pass 3 months

If you do not know what games you want to play, it may be interesting to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass subscription. The latter allows you to play a wide library of more than 100 games without additional cost. The Game Pass subscription also includes the Xbox Live Gold to play online as well as the EA PLAY subscription.

The Xbox Series is available in Pack with 3 months of subscription to the Xbox Game Pass, which allows you to discover this service for 3 months and decide whether you want to extend your subscription.

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