The new TOW 12 IN FIFA 22 is now known. We show you which players have made it into the new team of the Week.

This is the TOW: in the TOW are every week players who have noticed in real football with strong achievements. You get so-called inform cards that reflect this performance.

In addition, there is always a featured card in the new TOW. It is a weaker player who gets a few points directly than the other cards.

How to get to TOW cards? You can pull TOW cards from packs, but you need a lot of luck. Alternatively, you will find to inform cards in the FUT transfer market, but they cost a lot of money.

As you come to the necessary coins, our trading tips show.

But let us take a look at the Tow 12 together.

The TOW 12 in FIFA 22 — all informers

These players are in the new TOW 12: The new team of the week 12 has a few exciting cards to offer. Especially the new inform card of Woman (87) is likely to be interesting for players with Bundesliga teams. But Immobile (88) and Bernardo Silva (87) can get exciting upgrades.

Feature player is this week of the former Frankfurter Join, which makes a big jump from 79 to 84 points in the overall rating.

TOW 12 Start elf:

TH: Akinfeev (83)
IV: Boston (86)
LV: Alex Moreno (82)
IV: KO NSA (82)
RM: Woman (87)
KM: Bernardo Silva (87)
KM: Henderson (86)
COM: Bavarian (85)
St: Join (84)
St: Schick (82)


TH: Vargas (81)
RAN: Guilbert (81)
IV: Scalar (81)
LM: Gift (84)
MS: Rodriguez (82)
LF: Terrier (81)
St: Livia (81)
TH: Davies (78)
KM: Kimono (77)
St: Listen (80)
St: Seaman (76)
ST: SEE (70)


The Bundesliga in the TOW 12

These Bundesliga clubs are: This week, three Bundesliga players have managed to get a place in the new TOW.

Kingsley Coman receives a new 87 cards that changes from the left, to the right wing. The map captivates with enormous pace and outstanding dribbling values. This should make it a strong option for the right wing.
Patrick Schick (82) has achieved a four-paste and is therefore right in the new TOW. His new card is not the fastest, but has proper stats in the areas of shooting and dribbling.
Vincenzo Gift already receives his second inform card in FUT 22 and has now reached an 84 rating in the TOW 12. A solid card that is likely to be interesting especially for starter teams.

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