The third and final extension of the Griffon year has arrived at Hearthstone with lots of new cards to try. Divided in the Alter ac Valley introduces us to discover a place of war where the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance is in full swing. Strategic points to capture, emblematic figures to be eliminated, all it takes for a good battle is here. And on this occasion, the priest has new tools for the battle of Alter ac with his new deck.

Class cards

2 Morbid resuscitation

1 Brilliance of Nauru

2 Renovation

2 Donation of Nauru

Alterac Valley Decks To Try On Day 1!

2 Insight

2 blame rank 1

2 fulfillment in the shadow

2 Necromancy

2 Amulet of immortality

2 Delivery time

2 Spectral Guide

1 Mirror of souls

1 Mirella, to devote

Neutral cards

2 Donation of luminance


2 Hysteria

2 Impetuous organist

DECK Code:

AAECAA0GBMI + A4F3A + ILBPKKBA2Tugonywpxzgpi3gp73wp44woe6womgqstigsljqsvkqsiSkowqa

Cost in dust: 8520

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How to play the priest deck for the Alter ac Valley?

With this deck for the Alter ac Valley, the priest wants to temporarily the time to play his agony RAS and complete his opponent. For this, he has tools helping him take control of the field, but also heal in case of a hard blow. The goal is to play a maximum of agony rains before playing Mirella, to devote and enjoy their effects. By doing this, the goal is to reimburse a maximum of Korea the Rage sang thanks to the various resurrection effects present.

This priest does not have a lot of cards to play at the beginning of the game. However, having Korea the Rage sang early enough makes it possible to exploit the best maps such as the Amulet of Immortality or delivery time. However, the perspicacity, so the Nauru or even the blame rank 1 can be useful in the first playing rounds. Finally, the competitive organist can also help to take Control of the land facing low creatures.