First Look at Patch 9.2
Earth Morris is the forbidden rich of the first, which is hidden in the Shadow lands itself. It was created by the first to act as a workshop and create a life after death. This process is carried out by the huge forge of the beyond, which hovers in the center of the empire. A Folk Mechanical Janitor named Automa was left behind the first to help, help. The most remarkable feature of the empire is the mausoleum of the first, which contains knowledge that could rewrite the reality.

Wow Shadow lands: Earth Morris (35) Source: Wow Earth Morris is a strange, extraterrestrial place that resists all the concepts of reality or physics. It is divided into a dry desert boom — which may show how the Reich looked when the first area built — and a lush-wooded BOOM — a test field for your experiments with plant and animal life. The water in Earth Morris is walkable, creating a threshold between it and another, even more original area below. In addition to the automa, the Reich houses a broker fraction called the enlightened ones who try to protect the secrets of the first. Your home Haven serves as a collection point of the zone.

In terms of design, Earth Morris has a lot of inspiring SCIFI DNA from the 1950/60 / 70s: Forbidden Planet, Spaceship Enterprise (the series with Shatter / NIMBY) or the covers of the old Perry Rhoda folders are spontaneous. Everything looks very pleasing and spoils our slopish-tortured eyes on the most comfortable way. In the following picture gallery, we take a look at the new patch 9.2-Area and its World Boss Intros, the guardian of the history. Have fun!

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Wow Shadow lands: Earth Morris (1) [Source: Wow]

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