The League of Legends Globe Championship (League-of-Legends Globe Champion) is an annual E-Sports tournament organized by Riot Games — the Organization of Legends game programmer. League of Legends is a computer game from the MOB category in which 2 teams, containing five gamers, complete against each various other.

Does the pilot fly with us?

This question perfectly reflects Archibald Start under Aka Games. And it’s not that it was tragic or very bad. Part of the community notes that this is the best premiere of this Archeable Start in all its history. Do you remember the legendary queues? This time it was without such wonders, but that does not mean it was perfect.

Archeage 4.5 Glider & Upgrade Guide NA/EU
Archibald moved the opening of servers sometimes, but finally Aka Games repaired everything and made a game of players. It was evident that Fresh servers were a priority, because the customer service was actively active, and the developers had all the time to contact the community to address problems. And these did not lack — the objects disappeared, some could not set up an account, DX11 crashed the client. It was fun.

However, the situation did not look so funny on Legacy servers, where the problem was the transfers of the account. Now, it seems much better and the situation stabilized. Aka Games Apparently consciously is all shortcomings and actively works to fix everything. Especially the issue of Easy Antic heat, through whose part of the players could not log in to Acreage.

Was you managed to get on servers? How was it?