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Actually, the developers of New World had only best in mind than they have provided the players after the first onslaught on the MMOs server after the release of free server transfer tokens.

The ulterior idea: To start New World (Buy Now €39.99), players should simply choose a free server, so they could pick. And with later server transfers, after the first hype was over, you should be able to move to the Realm on which your buddies are on the road. In the meantime, the character creation was locked on many servers — the rush was too big. Then the free server transfer tokens were finally there… but they seemingly exploited.

Mules to move resources

In the New World Forums Community Manager Alexandra explains why no free server transfer tokens have been available for new players since 22 November 2021. Since [activating the token to the server change], most players who have changed the project, and has shown that some players have created new characters as Mules to collect on less populated world resource nodes before they are on Change your main work. We have therefore switched off the server transfer tokens for new players on November 22, 2021, but the existing tokens were valid, says Alexandra.

In the future, there will be only new server transfer tokens for active players with active account.

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And what about Server merges?

Now that the first excitement has laid around New World, the first players are already wondering when to be expected with server compositions. Until it comes to decisions in the way, it will probably still take, at least let the Tundras accept additional words:

We know that there has been a lot of discussions about future server transfer tokens and server mergers. At this time, the team still discusses how they will work, but as soon as we know, we will provide information in the official news channel.

What do you think: Are Server merges already needed in New World?

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