HALO Infinite Multiplayer on XBOX Cloud Gaming Beta | Game Pass Ultimate
For Xbox Game pass subscribers this week everything is fine. The line-up for the monthly offers has just been announced and offers subscribers at some point this month access to Halo Infinite, Aliens Fire team Elite, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator and more. It has also just revealed that Loyalty Game Pass Ultimate subscribers receive the celebration of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer bonus campaign to celebrate them online.

From December 8, Ultimate members will receive the first of many monthly multiplayer bonuses that help them improve the ranks of Halo Infinite. The first bundle contains the exclusive weapon coating Pass Tense for the assault rifle MA40, which will probably slip in the near future in our best Halo Infinite-Wöffenführ.

The bundle also contains four 2XP boosts and four challenge, which are perfect if they are with some disgusting difficult missions that they can not do.

It is unclear what future multiplayer bundles are included, but Microsoft starts with a bang in December. If you want to have the shiny green Xbox weapon and have no Ultimate membership yet, you can register below.

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Now is the perfect time to enter the campaign in Halo Infinite before publishing the campaign. 343 Industries have just optimized the progress system so that they can easily earn XP for their Battle Pass, and it looks like many more Halo Infinite weapons variants on the way.