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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Capcom promises more insights in spring 2022

With the announcement of the Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sun break caused Publisher and developer Cap com for surprises at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Fans are already waiting for new information about the DLC, the one to bring new dragon elevators into the Action RPG. According to Cap com, fans do not have to wait too long until they can learn more about Sun break.

When is there new information about Monster Hunter Rise: Sun break?

Since the announcement for the great extension Sun break for monster Hunter Rise new information has always been shared. But to see, there were only short teaser trailers with small insights into the new content.

Cap com has recently announced that soon more information should be shared with the fans. About the official Twitter channel Cap com confirmed that it in the spring 2022 more news about Monster Hunter Rise (Buy Now / €47.99): Sun break should give.

The extension itself will appear in the summer of 2022. When exactly, Cap Com will hopefully announce at the latest in the spring.

All 5 New Confirmed Monsters in Sunbreak + 7 Likely to Return - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

What awaits you in Monster Hunter Rise: Sun break?

Sun break will be a huge extension for Monster Hunter Rise. The paid DLC not only brings a new dragon eleven, Maltego, but also old monsters from the predecessor games to Monster Hunter Rise. Among them, the giant crab Shogun Centaur will be and celebrate your comeback.

After completing the seven-star quest snake goddess of thunder it goes into the new contents of Sun break. Then you will also have to visit a new base called Delgado.

In addition to new areas such as the dilapidated castle ruins, Sun break also brings the Master rang to Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise has existed since 26 March 2021 for Nintendo Switch. A PC version will appear on January 12, 2022. We have summarized the system requirements for the PC version here for you.

Source: Cap com

Are you looking forward to the new Monster Hunter Rise-DLC?

From Dina Makovich
29.12.2021 at 15:54

Morant shocks Suns in the final second

Thriller in the top game of the Western Conference! With a nearly artistic corpse in the final second, Moran the Memphis Grizzlies led to the previous leader Phoenix Suns to 114: 113 success and once again underlined that he belongs to the most talented young professionals of the NBA. Against equal counterparties pulled the slimy, but Wieselflinke Guard over the left side under the basket and completed with a difficult corpse to victory.

In the remaining tenths of a second, the Suns, who had gone five seconds in front of the siren by a threesome of Devin Booker (30 points) in the lead, was still a desperate. However, that did not fall through the ring, officially was the 21st win of the Grizzlies, which besides Moran (33 points) another top man in their ranks: Back court colleague Desmond Bane underscored his strong shape with 32 counters (career -Captive) at six threes. Phoenix (26: 7) slipped through the defeat in the west behind Golden State (27: 6) in second place.

Dallas wins without Ionic

A deserved win brought the Dallas Mavericks, which improved their balance at 16:17. The Texans also defeated without Maximilian Keeper and without their Slovenian Superstar Luka Ionic the Portland Trail Blazers away with 132: 117. The duo has also been included in the Corona protocol. Match winner was Center Kris taps Mornings, which locked in a game full of highlights with 34 counters, nine rebounds and five assists.

This play again

Daniel Thesis remains with the Houston Rockets Meanwhile puts the Western Conference. At the 99: 123 defeat at the Charlotte Hornets, the Texans had to accept the 24th defeat at ten wins. The former Hamburger This came back for the first time since the 16th of December again and in almost 22 minutes on six points.

CRAZY GAME WINNER! Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies Final Minutes! 2021 NBA Season

Isaiah Hammerstein lacked the Los Angeles Clippers at the 108: 124 home defeat against the Brooklyn Nets due to an ankle injury, Dennis Schröder the Boston Celtics at 103: 108 at the Minnesota Timberwolves, because he stands on the so-called health and safety protocol of the league.

Red Bull Salzburg Brenden Aaronson awakens interest from top

Since his arrival at Red Bull Salzburg, Brendan Aaron son has been established in the midfield of the bulls. The strong achievements of the young US American have now also noticed other clubs, so it should already be interested in several top leagues.

With ten goal parties in 26 lots, Aaron son contributed significantly to Salzburg’s success in the first round, whereby the two hits (as well as an assist) in CL quality games against Broadly IF were extremely important and thus opened the historical success in the premier class.

Brenden Aaronson 2021 Highlights | Red Bull Salzburg

And on this international stage, Aaron son was able to operate powerful self-commencement, because according to Tom Bogart on, several foreign clubs pursue the development of the offensive player. So above all Leeds United under pressing lovers Marcelo Bails is seriously interested in the US team player. AC Milan also has thrown an eye on the 21-year-old, and also RB Leipzig should be in the race.

For sports director Christopher friend would probably have to come an extremely immoral offer to let Aaron son pull in winter. His contract at Salzburg is currently running up to 2025.

Articles and videos about the topic
Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

Aaron son came in January 2020 for comported $6.5 million from Philadelphia Union, the sum could rise to $9 million with bonus payments by summer. If Salzburg Aaron son nevertheless lose in the summer, Philadelphia could include around 10 to 20% of the transfer.

Halo Infinite caused confusion through cat ears

Hallo Infinite constantly collects positive feedback, although a few words of criticism fell to the Single-Player campaign. Nevertheless, Multiplayer is brave and attracts more and more players. Maybe because of the free payment? Or maybe because of the medium-bad competition? I do not judge me. It counts that people are doing well, and now they have received another reason for joy. After all, the cat’s ears were introduced!

Hallo Infinite received Winter Contingency, a typical Christmas event under which you can stock up a handful of thematic cosmetic objects. You do not need to try to get a sweetheart, because you just play. The attribute is available until January 4 and at this time log in to Halo Infinite and finish the match on the Arena or Big Team Battle.

People are going CRAZY for Halo Infinite's cat ears! #shorts

The awards are distributed daily until December 30 and is their total ten. If you missed anything lost, you can make up for it, time is sufficiently enough. Unfortunately, in this festive scarves are missing free, cat ear. People who want to enter them must pay $10 (1000 Halo Credits) for the Cat Lovers set. It consists of four items, apart from the mentioned dumplings on the helmet, we still have Faded Blush Armor Coating, Tabby and Kat Gun Charms.

Interestingly, not everyone answers their presence in the game, as well as the price. Some players pay attention to that the cat’s ears are non-exclusive, and completely unnecessary and too expensive. Similar voices of dissatisfaction appeared at previous, paid cosmetic objects, where some players expressed their dissatisfaction loud due to the presence of microtranship.

It is worth recalling that Multiplayer Halo Infinite is available for free, and the Cat Lovers set contains four items for $10. I do not intend to defend developers here, but we simply do not exaggerate. Especially that USA enjoy crazy popularity. UWA or something.

The co creator of Sonic already has a new game which you can now enjoy

After the disaster that was Alan Wonder world at the beginning of the year, many thought that Yuri NASA’s career, co-creator of Sonic, had come to an end. However, the designer pointed out that he would begin the development of a simple game for mobile devices. Well, said and done, NASA already has a new title, which you can enjoy at the moment for free.

Through your official Twitter account, NASA announced shot2048, a mobile title that is already available on the Google Play Store and App Store. The developer has indicated that this is the first game that has created alone, without The help of someone else, in the last 37 years. This is the description of shot2048 :

The purpose is to shoot the same number to reach 2048, but point to more. Touch to move the number to the left or to the right and release your finger to shoot the number. If you hit the same number, the numbers will be combined and added. The game ends when the numbers stop in the red area of ​​the game in the foreground.

At the moment it is unknown what Yuri NASA will do in the future. After the failure of ALAN UNDERWORLD, There are not many studies that you want to give this developer an opportunity, and it seems that the only way is to work independently, or create your own study.

What's going on in Vs Sonic.EXE? Friday Night Funkin' Explained

On related topics, here you can see the first trailer of SONIC Frontiers. In the same way, the advance of sonic the hedgehog is now available.

Editor’s note:

Yuri NASA has the potential to be a good developer, but it seems that all the ideas of him simply can not specify. This results in a series of experiences that, at best, are poorly valued, or simply end up being equally horrible than to Wonder world.

DEL EHC Munich concedes next league

A shooter is the prelude for a computer video game style in which the nuclear mechanics are firing. The purpose of the gamer is to shoot according to certain specs for progression in the game either on computer challengers (Player Versus Setting), various other gamers (Player Versus Gamer) or various other play items without the game character passes away by counterattacks or the game physics. Shooter video games are normally likewise an action video game. 3D shooter mainly make use of a hatbox to precisely figure out and also review shooting hits. In classic Shoot’s EM UPS, however, the high score is generally computed by computing the number and kind of items made depending on the damages utilized to the tool made use of. As a result of the obligation required in the majority of shooters, many shooters likewise belong to the video game of skill, with other shooters also value tactical and also calculated aspects.

In the Champions Hockey League, the ETC Red Bull Munich dreams of the semi-final movement from the first title win of a German team. In the DEL it is no longer running for the team of coach Don Jackson at all. The 1: 3 (0: 1, 0: 2, 1: 0) on Sunday in the Bavaria derby with the Nuremberg Ice Tigers already the fourth league defeat in series meant. As a table greater, the Munich also lost contact with leader or Polar Bear Berlin for the time being.

We made too many mistakes, coach Jackson coached. Only Austin Ortega met with the francs. His goal to the 1: 3 After 52 minutes, however, no influence on the outcome of the game had more after Tim Bender (2nd minute), Christopher Brown (37.) and Gregory MacLeod (40th) for the Nuremberg.

Polar bears firm table guide — eagle win after extension

Master Mistaken Berlin, on the other hand, strengthened by a 3: 2 (1: 0, 0: 1, 2: 1) via the Sermon Roosters place one in the Del. A double strike of Blaine Byron (51./55.) In the final third, caused the decision.

First Berlin’s pursuers are the Adler Mannheim. Against the Augsburg er Panther, the eight-time German champion was carried out after extension with 3: 2 (0: 0, 2: 1, 0: 1). Tim Wohlgemuth (64.) met in the extra game time. The Cologne sharks missed by a 2: 3 (0: 0, 1: 1, 1: 1) after extension against the ERC Ingolstadt the jump in third place. David Aronofsky met for the guests in the fourth minute of Overtime.

Wild Wings stay in the basement

EHC Red Bull München - Düsseldorfer EG | 31. Spieltag, 21/22 | MAGENTA SPORT
On the other hand, Rhein-Rival Dusseldorf EG celebrated not only 3: 2 (2: 0, 0: 1, 0: 1) success after penalty shooting on the Grizzlies Wolfsburg, but also the contract extensions of Alex EHL and Brendan O’Donnell. The Schlesinger Wild Wings documented the Stabbing Tigers 3: 5 (1: 3, 0: 1, 2: 1) and stay in the table cellar.

Ginter Do not believe that my last game was

Of course, frustration swung with Winter, when he came after the 1: 1 at the TSG 1899 Cofferdam in front of Sky microphone. But the center defender saw the Russia definitely better than the last weeks. Cofferdam had more of the game and the better chances, which is why the foals attempted to defend with man and mouse. The draw is deserved according to Winter, but with a view to the compensation in the exam time, especially bitter.

Мэвл - Магнитола

In the 37th minute, even all eyes were directed to Winter, because this had blocked a shot of Pavel Kaderabek with the upper arm. A whistle remained what the central defender is right. I can not do it more, says Winter. Finally, no intention and no movement with the arm presented.

Both parties want planning security

Of course, the topic continues to be the expiring contract of the World Champion of 2014. We will use the days around Christmas and New Year’s Eve to get on a bit, Winter said, I do not think it prevents someone to bring good performance. The Russia wool planning security — and the wants winters too.

I hope we continue a few steps in the next few weeks, says the defender. Even if you could not quite a winter change not completely, Winter made a hint: I think that today was not my last game today.

Jackson and the key to the right answer

After the cracker against the Finnish champion Luck Trauma, the ETC Red Bull Munich may dream of the coronation in the CHL. Everything is possible, was the coach Don Jackson after the second collection of club history into the semi-finals of the premier class. We are very, very happy about it, Torcher said Frederik Differs after the nervous one 2: 1 in the extension on Tuesday evening.

Aggressiveness and patience : Jackson pleases the mix

22.8.2015 kolmas puolivälierä Lukko-KaMa
Jackson was very proud of his team. To answer such a week with such a big victory, the team will return self-confidence, said the American and said the two defeats in the club in the DEL. In the CHL, the Muncher switched up after 2: 2 in quarter-finals but again in good time. Things are not always great. But the key is to be able to quickly give the right answer, Jackson said.

In the first third, the three-time German master was still difficult — no wonder. The guys can run skating, that’s really brutal, the Munich Match winner Justin Schultz praised the opponent. They played touring partly to the wall. For Jackson, it went in the first third for peace and resistance. We were aggressive, but also had to be patient, he explained. We were not allowed to make mistakes. That was the big challenge in the first third.

Prevent another inventory in the gates. And there were the Munich on Danny from the birch. The outstanding goalie got a cowbell after the final whistle: With this ritual, team intersect the players of the game is named. In the second third, the K.-O. Backbame then picked up to drive for the ETC. Sebastian Repo (33.) In the leadership, Differs (39.) brought the Finnish guests, but shortly thereafter. Schultz provided the Overtime for Bavarian Cheers in the third minute.

pulled out of the swamp on my own chief

I’ve not done so good games, not much played. It has done brutally well to help the team for a victory, Schultz said. I’m so happy. Completely right. The last German representative remaining in the competition can now reach the final as last in 2019. The first leg against Tap para Tamper takes place on January 4th (20.30 clock) in Munich, the second leg on January 11 (18.00 clock).

If the Munich also turns off the next Finnish rivals, a new edition of the 2019 final would be possible. At that time, the ETC was defeated against Rotunda HC from Gothenburg. Rotunda meets in a purely Swedish semi-final on Role BK from Angelo.

We pulled ourselves the swamp out of the swamp after a few hard defeats in the past week, Jackson summed up after difficult days for his team. In special lots, however, his team can also play special. Maybe this time is even enough for the coup in the royal class.

Destiny 2 finally gives useless snowballs again a function so you use it best

In destiny 2 has existed snowballs since the first burglary event, which lie around on the tower. Now Bungee changed her function again and makes it more useful than ever. Why you should use them and how strong they are, you will learn here on Mango.

What are snowballs in Destiny 2? In Destiny 2, the snow-capped surfaces were on the social space of the keepers. There, players were able to pick up a ball of snow and throw them on with hales.

Then guardians could allow a joke and to pin a snowball battle. Once you have been hit by a ball, you were slowing down and could not pick up any further projectile for a while.

However, Bungee considered a bit of different and designed this nice bauble in something more useful. Now you can use them in combat, upgrade them and benefit from it.

How To Find And Use Piles Of Snowballs For The Dawning 2021 Destiny 2 - Easy Snowball Farm For Kills
Snowballs are useful tools in the fight

By changing bungee you can find the snowballs again in selected activities and across Europe. They design themselves very useful as opponents can be frozen and even killed by them.

Eva Levant, the organizer of the winter events, also offers numerous upgrades that make your snowballs more effective and deadly. For this you only need per upgrade 20 Breakthrough atmosphere that you get by booties that collect the delivery of cookies or ingredients with the ship star driver 7 m.

Which upgrades there are? There are five upgrades that build up. So you can not buy the last upgrade, but must first purchase the previous ones. These are all upgrades with effect:

Long winter — extends the duration of slowing down snowballs
Even longer winter — increases the slowing effect on fighters suffered by the snowball damage
The longest winter snowballs freeze opponents immediately when they suffered damage
Stay cool — leave snowballs when they hit a stasis mine
Infinite gift — the cutters of frozen opponents causes them to drop snowballs

Also works the MOD Focus Lens ? In the artifact of the 15th Season, there is a mod that is called focus lens. Equipped with this in the class article, your bonus damage can cause opponents if they are affected by Stasis.

The fact that bungee has passed the frosty balls the element stasis can benefit from this mod. Enjoy your opponents simply with your Thunderbrachen or the Nova bomb for the last blow.

What do you think of the revised snowballs? Do you think you cool and helpful or is not that for you? Do you prefer to leave for Ages Better? It tells us in the comments what you think of it.

The winter paradise 2021 has already arrived in Overwatch

To continue with the tradition of previous years, the winter paradise event has returned to overwatch in this 2021. As expected, you can get exclusive aspects and enjoy discounts on some designs of previous events and of course, new game modes for all users.

Winter paradise of 2021 will be available from December 16 Until January 6, 2022, and without more preamble, here we share a list with weekly challenges and rewards.

weekly challenges

— Each game that you win will tell you for two.

— You will get exclusive rewards in Quick Play, Arcade or Competitive Play modes.

— In the first week you can get tracer wool clothes, in the second week to Symmetry mistletoe and in the third week to Brigitte crust of mint.

New cosmetic objects

— There will be five legendary designs for unlocking: Oriya Reno, D.VA sled, Wrecking Ball Snowman, Genii Spectrum, Baptize Rider

— Three epic designs

— Player and sprays icons

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