Spike Chen Soft has released the teaser trailer of a fully new dark fantasy mystery Ultra Detective Case Book Rain Code.

This work is a work that Mr. Koji, who has a scenario, Mr. Malaysia Takeda, and the design of Dang an Ronda that Mr. Malaysia, who has been designed by Mr. Komatsuzaki, the staff and developers who have created Dang an Romp. Spike Chen software develops and sells under joint development with Tokyo Games.

This work has been announced in the Dang an Ronda 10th Anniversary Event Ultra High School Grade Debt held on Saturday, November 27 (Saturday). The image screened at that time seems to have reached the publication as Teaser Trailer this time. You can check the appearance character, the world view, and the scandal of the murder case.

Mitsuki Izanami posted a tweet introduction to the teaser trailer release. This work is I want to see all mystery fans! I would like to make a comprehensive work of a reasonable work of a reasoning mystery game that has been made for over 10 years..

Also, in addition to the three people posted on the official site, Mr. Yukon Fukuoka, Mr. Yukon Fukuoka, the character delivery & background concept, and it was also revealed that Mr. Hokusai Suffixed, participated in the scenario, and the scenario. The expectations are more expensive in this work where staff and development teams in the Dang an Ronda series gather.

Supported platform, release time, price is undecided.