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Michael Porter Jr. from the Denver Nuggets further falls on indefinitely. The Forward fights against a nerve disease in the back, even an operation does not seem to be excluded at this time. It could mean the season.

This reports Mike Singer from the Denver post. According to, Porter Jr. again have problems with his back, which was the reason already in the draft, which is why the forward to position 14 fell. According to Singer, it is not excluded that the 23-year-old could miss the rest of the season.

Porter Jr. missed the past seven games, Coach Michael Malone said early November that his wing player will miss for a long time. The Forward just completed three games on the college because of an operation on the spine and then missed his complete rookie season in Denver because of another back-op.

In his third season Porter Jr. then the breakthrough with the nuggets, also because he was almost the complete season fit. In 61 games, the FORWARD launched 19 points and 7.3 rebounds at odds of 54.2 percent from the field and 44.5 percent from the triple line. This handed the nuggets to equip Porter Jr. in summer with a rookie extension.

From 2022 Porter Jr. will be at least $172 million over five years, 145 of which are guaranteed. By certain milestones, Porter Jr. could even get up to 207 million dollars.

Michael Porter Jr. Injury Update! Emergency Episode! What Happen to the Nuggets?
If Porter Jr. Now, this would be a tremendous setback for the ambitious nuggets, which in 2020 in the Conference Finals were divided and also gained at least one playoff series in the previous year. At that time, however, Jamal Murray was already missing, which in April at the Golden State Warriors ripped the cruciate ligament. Whether the Canadian can take into action again in this season, is still questionable at this time.

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Michael Porter Jr.: His statistics in the NBA

Season | Games | Minutes | Points | FG | 3p% | Rebound

2019/20 | 55 | 16.4 | 9.3 | 50.9 | 42,2 | 4.7
2020/21 | 61 | 31,3 | 19.0 | 54.2 | 44.5 | 7.3
2021/22 | 9 | 29.4 | 9.9 | 35,9 | 20.8 | 6.6