Leaked Sony Patent Reveals CRAZY PS5 Design
Since the launch of the PlayStation 5 last year, the owners have been clamoring because of the possibility of exchanging the system covers. Unofficial options can be purchased online, but it seems that Sony could launch its own covers and masks at some point in the near future. That possibility has been pointed out thanks to a new patent of the company, presented through the US Patent and Brand Office. UP. It is worth noting that Sony has presented patents for many products that never materialized, but it seems a Secure bet that we will see front plates with official license launched for PS5 at some point in the near future.

The interchangeable front plates for the PS5 could change the rules of the game! After all, offering covers for the system would be a much cheaper alternative than selling special edition consoles for each important launch of games. In the PS4 era, we saw some really great special edition consoles, including one based on Spider-Man from Marvel. Unfortunately for those who already possessed the system, getting one meant to buy a second console and then try to sell the original. With the covers, Sony could offer much cheaper options for users to personalize their system. Of course, it is impossible to say how much the front plates can cost; The unofficial designs of CMP Shells cost between $45 and $60, depending on the desired design. If Sony’s options cost a similar amount, it’s a safe bet that PS5 owners would be willing to spend that!

Hopefully, Sony will not make the fans wait much more before doing some kind of official announcement. Horizontal West Forbidden ​​will be launched next year, and it could be the perfect game to receive its own official covers. Lorenzo de Marvel and marvel’s Spider-Man 2 would also be a great attraction for the fanatics of the superheroes. Of course, some users may want other color alternatives. Unfortunately, all this is just speculation. Hopefully, this patent is a good indicator of what the future will bring.

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