Update of November 26, 2021: As part of a special legendary Raid-hour event for Unbridled jokes is Registered together with Registered and Regime on November 28, 2021, between 18: 00:00 to 19:00 in the Tier 5 raid spawn. Do you want to pursue a Shiny Region? Then good luck! Below are the current counter for the fight!

Mega Blasting with Water Gun and Aquahaubitze
Metagross with cartridges bat and bat Star
Mega Venus with Vine Whip and Flora statue
mega Yards with cascade and hydraulic pump
Mascagni with lock and Mighty Blow
Lucio with lock and Aura Sphere
Demeter (animal spirit) with Mud Shot and earthquakes
Gar chomp with Mud Shot and Earth Power
Bloom with lock and Stretcher
Ky ogre with cascade and surfers

Pokemon Go ไทย ไทย EP.131 - Raid Hour Regirock - ลูกรักกลับมาแล้ว ว มาจับเจ้าป๋องหินกันเถอะ
Napoleon with metal claw and Aquahaubitze
Groupon with Mud Shot and earthquakes

original message of 30 January 2018 Currently drives in Pokémon GO even the legendary Pokémon Ky ogre in Tier 5 raid on the loose. But coach must also record with the rock Pokémon Region it in the foreseeable future. Regirockverfügt about 42,768 Raid Boss CP and can be due to its rock type the easiest way to combat, soil, water Pokémon counter. So that you have the best possible chances in the raid fight against Region, we give you based in our guide on an article by Pokemongohub a number of tips that you should support the fight against the rock Pokémon.

Will maximize their chances against your Region, you should at least four to seven coaches against the raid boss take — depending on the strength of your Pokémon team. Region relies on the following attacks type rock, fight and Electric:

stone’s throw (immediate attack)
destroyer (immediate attack)
Stone Edge (charging attack)
Focus shock (charging attack)
Lightning Cannon (charging attack)

With Combat Pokémon you are best positioned because of the reduced loss of Region. Regions attacks are aggravated by partly cloudy weather, the rock Pokémon then has in the captured state, a higher combat strength (1,784 CP without weather influences, 2,230 CP at partly cloudy weather at level 25). Do you want to use it as Ky ogre Water Pokémon with Region, it benefits from rain — but only if Region does not have the attack flash gun that can be dangerous also caused more damage in the rain and then especially for Ky ogre? Overall, you are served with the following Pokémon fight Region best:

Metagross with cartridges bat and bat Star
Ky ogre with waterfall and hydraulic pump
Mach amp with lock and Mighty Blow
Roseate with Razor and Stretcher
Feraligatr with waterfall and Aquahaubitze
Bloom with lock and Stretcher
Venus with Vine Whip and Flora statue
Groupon with Mud Shot and solar beam
Haryana with lock and Mighty Blow
Polka with fire breath and hydraulic pump
Toxiquak with lock and Mighty Blow
Her across with lock and melee
Tan growth with Vine Whip and solar beam

Further possible counter that you can use:

Gal lade with Kick and melee
Sump ex with Water Gun and surfers
Blacken with lock and focus Shock
Aquinas with Water Gun and Hydro Pump

Overall, the fight against Region designed but as a relatively straightforward, as long as their exploits its rock type generous, and you focus on its resulting weaknesses. On further news about Ni antics Mobile app we’ll keep you by the way our Pokémon GO-topic page up to date.

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