Thanks to The Retro Room Games, A game of Dune for Game Boy Advance, which was canceled almost two decades ago, will be returning to this console in the future. Frank Herbert’s Dune: Ornithopter Assault was a title that began its development in 2001, but a year later it was canceled because GYRO Interactive, its publisher, began to have financial problems. Now he will return to life, but with several changes.

To begin with, the game will change by name to Eland: The Crystal Wars, this because it no longer has the official license of Dune, in addition to that all references to this franchise will also be removed. Basically, it will cease to be a game of Dune and instead will become a completely new IP.

Currently, The Retro Room Games has already started with his campaign in Kickstarter, and he already exceeded his goal of the $7 thousand 563 dollars they needed to complete the game. At the time of writing it has a total of $9 thousand 165 dollars collected, so the title will have a physical launch at Game Boy Advance, with everything and a manual. In case more money is recorded, your authors promise a version of PC, additional content, documentary and more.

Orlando: The Crystal Wars is a first-person shooting game, which is developed on a desolate planet. The title will have 20 missions in total, and players must complete a wide variety of goals such as destroying enemy bases, protecting other ships and more.

The Bizarre DUNE Game from 2001

And talking about the Game Boy Advance, A hacker recently discovered a method to make this console reproduce PlayStation games. Don’t you believe us? You can see it by yourself in the following link.

Editor’s note: For older who are consoles, it is surprising that there are developers out there with the intentions of not letting them die. We have already seen this type of cases previously, and although this time we are talking about something out of the ordinary, it is also worth noting the work of its author.