Susan (Korean pronunciation: [PU.San], officially understood as Susan Metropolitan City, is South Korea’s second-most populated city after Seoul, with a population of over 3.4 million residents. Previously Romanized as Pusan, it is the economic, social and also instructional facility of southeastern South Korea, with its port– Korea’s busiest as well as the sixth-busiest in the globe. The surrounding Southeast Economic Area (including San and South Gyeongsang) is South Korea’s biggest enterprise zone.
Susan is divided into 15 significant administrative districts as well as a solitary area, with each other housing a population of roughly 3.6 million. The full urbane area, the Southeastern Maritime Industrial Area, has a population of approximately 8 million. The most largely built-up areas of the city are located in a number of slim valleys in between the Along and also the Saying Rivers, with hills separating most of the areas. The Along is Korea’s lengthiest river as well as Susan’s Handle Coastline is likewise the country’s biggest.
Susan is a facility for worldwide conventions, hosting APEC in 2005. It is likewise a center for sporting activities competitions in Korea, having actually hosted the 2002 Asian Games as well as FIFA World Cup. It is residence to the globe’s largest chain store, the Shingle Centum City. Susan was contributed to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a City of Film in December 2014.

[Eye News 24 Moon Byung-soo Reporter] Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Gyu-cheol) is a Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Susan, Korea, I announced a business agreement with a business agreement.

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The Convention is a re-agreement to continue to secure the proportions of the monitoring of the currently operated monitoring of the currently active monitoring and support for game monitoring, according to the expiration of the period in which the period has been established in 2018.

The main contents of the main content ▲ Human / physical resources for the adoption of disabled monitoring agents ▲ Implementation of the vocational ability to recruiting monitoring agents ▲ Proceeding to the adaptation of the recruitment of monitoring agents, etc. It is.

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Kim Gyu-cheol’s game chairman said, If you are a person who is familiar with your smartphone device operation, you can see that you can do it without any difference with disabilities, non-disabled, said,

The game is a home management monitoring team for post-management of the game that is classified by its own classification in Google, Apple and Apple, from 2015. Since the end of March this year, 30 people with 30 disabled people and 200 monitoring ends will have a relaxation ceremony in early December.