The large open areas of many Battlefield 2042 cards make the game perfect for long-distance gaps and snipers. Currently, there is only a handful of sniper rifles, including the DM7.

The DM7 is one of the first weapons that you can access when starting up the game, and although it fades in comparison to the best SVK Battlefield 2042 PC player 24, it can be transformed into a beast with some time and effort. As with most of the best Battlefield 2042 guns, the essays are the best at the end of arms controls the best — and that is certainly valid for the Best DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24.

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But what does the best DM7 build turn off, and how do you set it up? Continue reading to get our recommendations on the best attachments, devices and specialists who want to use for this sniper rifle.

Best DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24

Fusion Hold
Extended Run
BCG handle

The DM7 is an incredibly versatile sniper rifle. It can be set up for just about any distance, but since it does incredibly much damage at medium distance at the moment, we have aligned our equipment. If you follow this build, we recommend that you have some long-distance hangers in your plus menu so that you can get the most out of both worlds.

For the sight we decided to the Fusion Hold as the standard, but we have the Bravo 3x in our plus menu in the event that you need to take it from afar from the distance.

As far as the ammunition is concerned, melee should be your standard magazine as it is delivered with 20 laps. The high power magazine should appear as secondary in your plus menu as it increases the effective range of the weapon.

In the running department, the Extended Barrel is a must — this increases your story speed and allows you to make enemies from greater distance. If you are forced to use your 3x, this is perfect here. Otherwise, the AR COM TACTICAL Muzzle Brake would be our choice.

Finally, the BCG handle is our choice for the underflow, as it stabilizes your weapon while shooting in motion. This is especially useful because the weapon kills enemies at the moment about three or four shots — and we can guarantee that some of them are not taken while they rest.

Best DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC player 24-gadget

With this PC player 24 your destination must be brought to the point. If you sniff here or there a shot, you will find more frequently in the redrawn menu. So that you can survive longer on the battlefield, we recommend that you select the armored plates as your gadget for the DM7 build.

Best DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24 Specialist

If you have played the game now, you undoubtedly know that you can choose one of the Battlefield 2042 specialists and to get it up. For the DM7, however, we recommend playing some selected agents. These are: Sun dance, Casper and Irish.

Sun dances Wing suit allows you to get behind the enemy lines, Casper’s motion sensor gives you an indication of approaching enemies and Irish’s Fortification Systems protects you from opposing fire.

So this is our complete DM7 Battlefield 2042 PC player 24. Hopefully this build will help you kill online and win online many bands.