İçişleri Bakanına Meclis Komisyonunu terk ettiren tartışma ve Ankara’da güvensizlik sorunu.
The Bundesliga has Bayern and Dortmund, the Bremen league the two BSDs : the Bremen SV and the Drinker SV showed on the 15th match day another time that they are the measure of all things between Brinkum (2nd) and the new Third Satan Sport are already eleven points.

Leader Bremen SV dueled on Saturday with the fifth ESC Geestemünde and after a few seconds, unexpectedly passed: a flank reached Float, which was able to inside 16 meters flat in the lower left corner. However, this Float wore the Geestemünde jersey, the leader was promptly demanded. And he fulfilled this claim: In the 8th minute, Or lick won the ball, ran from left on goalkeeper Globe too and overcame him to the balancing gate. After that there was a lot of idling to see, not in the 38th minute, when Garcia was released freely on patch, but this time remained winner. In the detention time of the first half, the BSV closed again: a corner landed at Wake, who did not miss this opportunity. Geestemünde paid in the second game section to his sacrificing fight from half-time one tribute, it seemed more and more of the forces to dwindle. The Bremen SV now had numerous possibilities, Mater increased in the 63rd minute deservedly 3: 1. However, despite the next threesome, BSV coach Benjamin ETA was not satisfied with the appearance of his team and disturbed himself in the defective opportunity utilization.

Drinker SV celebrates tempo ball

Chance whisper could not be accused of the Drinker SV in the first half of the Us Schaffhausen: The fork eleven converted the frustration over the recent 3: 5 defeat in the top game against the Bremen SV in positive aggressiveness. In the 10th minute Punjabi left Bear TuS-Torwart Riemann after a great template from Bear Tus-goalkeeper and pushed ahead. In minute 26, Bear again laid up for Punjabi, 2: 0. Westhausen ran as far as possible, Safe put on to an irresistible solo on half an hour, laid across Hartmann, which increased to 3: 0. Brinkum was not enough for a long time, Bear served in the 33rd minute Safe with a passport in the depths and the top gate of the league enforced with a placed flat shot. Safe still put the 5: 0 after (42.), before a Kujabi-Luffer fixed the 6: 0 pause level (44.). After resource whistle it was slow to tackle slowly, too slowly like coach Mike fork told the Weser-Kurier : We wanted to switch a few courses, but those were too many. So he got a weak house, which of course did not lose much now, more game shares and was able to look forward to the Honor Hits of Hot (76.). Despite the defeat, Schweitzer remains sixth, but can not inevitably go out from a carefree season, since 15th place is only five points away.

This place 15 recently occupies the NFL Bremerhaven. Although Thomas scored the lead against SV Heeling in the 55th minute, but the SVP returned late through a Lee penalty (80.) and Jane (88.). In addition, the Blumenthal SV hit the third team of SV Welder Bremen with 3: 1 and jumps over the bottom line. Chin aka (4th/25.) And in between Hammers (18.) provided early for clear circumstances, Havens met for Welder in the first half of the first half.

Otherwise, on this match day, it turned out that the OSC Bremerhaven against the Lear Turnerschaft converted a 0: 2 pause residue into a 2: 2 and that ultimate BSC has supported the seventh SG Around vegetate a 1: 1 draw.