What we know about tennis star Peng Shuai and China’s censorship of the #MeToo movement
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In the Case Peng Squad, photos incurred on the Internet of the Chinese Tennis Player, the confusion about the location of the public-disappeared ex-world ranking learning in double enlarged.

The pictures marked by a SHE SHIED, marked by a state-bound medium, the 35-year-old is demonstratively satisfied in different poses. According to a newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, Peng should occur promptly in public.

On the four pictures in the net since the late Friday evening in the network without date, Peng seemingly fun to see. On a photo, the former top 20 player smiling in front of a Chinese national flag smiling and surrounded by plush animals and a trophy a cat in his arm. On another photo Peng poses before a picture of the Winnie Pooh Bear figure, which is often censored in China because of a frequent comparison with state and party character Xi Jinping. An inquiry of the French news agency AFP for the authenticity of the illustrations made the account operator unanswered.

In the enlightenment of Pengs fate after abuse allegations against an earlier top party functional, the highest places had been turned on after calling several prominent tennis stars. Both the White House of US President Joe Biden and the United Nations called for clarity about the whereabouts of twice the winner of an WTA tournament. For the players association WTA Castle Director Steve Simon without verifiable information on Pengs whereabouts a deduction of WTA tournaments from China despite a threatening loss of several hundred million dollars not from: This is bigger than the business. Women have to be respected and not censored will.

Peng had a sexual abuse at the beginning of the month in the Twitter-like Medium Weibo publicly denounced by the former Vice Premier Zhang Goal. However, the entry has been deleted as well as numerous Internet entries over the double specialist, while Peng has since no trace has been found. At the authenticity of a renowned Wednesday of Chinese Staatsmedien email with soothing words Pengs serious doubts.

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Allegedly, however, a return of the player should be near the public. She will soon occur publicly, Columnist HU Fiji wrote from the party newspaper Global Times at Twitter, and participating in some activities.