The World Champion of Form 1, 2019 is the 70th edition of the World Championship of Solution 1. The competitors, birthed in 1950, pass a CAP on April 14, 2019, on the circuit of Shanghai, where is contested the thousandth Grand Prix of the Background of the championship. Additionally, from this season as well as according to a system effective from 1950 to 1959, an additional point is attributed to the author of the very best race in the race along with his stable, offered that he places among the ten initially.
The Charlie Whiting Race Director, Central Personality of the Grand Prix of Solution 1 for even more than twenty years, passes away in Melbourne on March 14 on the eve of the very first examinations of the inaugural race of the season. Mercedes Grand Prix starts the 2019 championship by establishing a brand-new five-duplicate document at the arrival of the first five races. The season is likewise noted by the fatality, Might 20, the three-way globe champ Niki Laura, constant visibility in the Mercedes stand given that 2012, and definitive in the arrival of Lewis Hamilton as a pilot of the German stable in 2013, for To day, six consecutive dual lined building contractors champion/ pilot globe championship since 2014.
On October 13 at the arrival of the Japan Grand Prix, Mercedes wins its sixth successive title of the producers, four years of completion, equaling the efficiency of the Sumeria Ferrari, champion from 1999 to 2004. On November 3, in the category. 2nd behind his teammate Latter Boats of the United States Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, author of eleven victories in the season and also having brought his record of pole placements to eighty-eight heads, is sacred world champion for the sixth times and the 3rd consecutive after 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. It goes beyond Juan Manuel Anglo (5 titles), to a coronation of the record held by Michael Schumacher given that 2004. His colleague Latter Boats is vice-champion of the globe and Max. Verstappen ends 3rd in front of both Ferrari motorists, Charles Leclerc adhered to by Sebastian Vettel. For contractors, Ferrari takes 2nd area and Red Bull Competing the 3rd; the exact same fierce than in 2017 as well as 2018.
The period once again sees the 3 peak stables Trusted all success and mostly all the podiums, they leave only 3: two for Too Ross (Daniel Kayak third in Germany, Pierre Gaily second in Brazil) and also one for McLaren (Carlos Saint Third in Brazil). Victories as well as all other platforms are split in between Hamilton (eleven triumphs, seventeen podiums), Latter Boats (4 wins, fifteen platforms), Max Verstappen (three wins, nine platforms), Charles Leclerc (two victories, 10 platforms), In addition, pilot having actually made the highest possible number of posts placements this year (7), as well as Sebastian Vettel (a triumph, nine platforms). Hamilton is the just one to rack up points in the twenty-one racing of the season, and develops 2 new documents: in factors (413) as well as for led at least one round in nineteen races this year. His steady continues his prominence began at the start of the Hybrid V6 Engine Period in 2014 with this brand-new doubled year, getting to a total amount of 102 wins, 89 of which were acquired throughout this duration.

Max stopped stays after the hard duel with Lewis Hamilton at the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Brazil without punishment. The racing communities decided on Friday after Hamiltons Mercedes Reinstall had demanded a re-examination of the maneuver. In the run-up to the great price of Qatar this topic is now off the table.

Decisive is that Mercedes could not provide any significant insights in the opinion of Stewards, which go beyond the already known. This remains the original decision from the race: The maneuver of Red Bull Pilot was not pun-off.

At the time of the announcement, Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff and Red Bulls team boss Christian Corner sat in a common press conference in a common press conference anyway.

The result he had completely so expected, said Wolff, we did not think we were gaining something. We wanted to stimulate a discussion, its about the principle.

Wolff: It is important to clarify the rules

The drivers, so Wolff, consider clarity about how they are allowed to defend themselves on the inner car. In São Paulo Hamilton had set outside beside stages and was already slightly in front. The Dutch brakes on the inner rail but later, was carried out of the curve and pushed Hamilton into the outlet zone.

With the decision of the Stewards, the drivers now have a guideline for the remaining races in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, Wolff said, We do not want the World Cup to be decided at the Stewards or before the Court of Appeal. Thats why its Important to clarify the rules.

Corner about Wolf: I do not have to kiss his butt

Corner, in turn, criticized the decision of Mercedes to subsequently check a penalty against stages. The title fight with the silver arrows is by far the most political in the history of our team. However, Red Bull has already repeatedly turned on the rule bodies, at the moment they undertake Mercedes regularly due to high final speeds on the straight line.

His very difficult relationship with Wolff for months, he said, Its not a relationship, its a competition. I do not have to dinner with Toto, I do not have to kiss his butt. Other team boss may need that.

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Since a subsequent penalty is missing, nothing changes at the World Cup: stages goes with 14 points lead into the third last season of the season.