Nintendo has announced the release date of loop Hero for Nintendo Switch with a new trailer. The latest of Four quarters will arrive at the hybrid on December 9, and is already available in the Shop for your digital reserve.

Loop Hero was one of the first great surprises of the year, and even managed to overcome the 150,000 players during their first 24 hours in the market. In this rogue-like with strategy components and letters improvement, we will have to try to break the temporary loop in which the protagonist is trapped, a concept and an execution that my partner Víctor Martínez praised in his progress by defining him as an Exercise of intriguing and captivating design ».

This announcement does not catch us from all, since it was already in that Indie World last August when Nintendo confirmed that the title edited by returning digital would arrive throughout this year to Switch, although it was still missing knowing the exit window.

Loop Hero - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch

In addition, this release date coincides with the day at which the annual Game Awards gala will be held, in which the same title is nominated among the top five independent games of 2021 (and you have to recognize you that, among the great releases of loop games published this year, this was the first to leave). In fact, it was precisely in the 2020 gala when this title was officially presented.

Loop Hero, released in March of this year for PC, will be available for Nintendo Switch from December 9.