Hallo Infinite multiplayer achieved a surprise release to Beyoncé s style before the date of launching the campaign in December and announced a series of other surprises related to entertainment. If you are here, you have already started the game, you have moved, and you are starting to feel comfortable with what will be the first halo experience of this generation. However, you may wonder how to change your visual configuration. In particular, choose between the graphics configurations you must choose. In this guide, we will review the choice to follow. Quality modes versus performance in Halo Infinite and what is the difference.

How to change quality mode against Halo Infinite performance

First, let s see how to change the graphics settings in Halo Infinite. Start starting the game, then go directly to the configuration. Change to Visual and you will see the quality settings of your graphics and two options: quality or visual.

If the option is attenuated, congratulations! You do not have to choose, since you are playing on an Xbox Series X with a television that supports 4K / 60FPS games, so simply enjoy Halo Infinite at the highest possible level allowed by your console.

What should you choose?

Now, if you are playing on an Xbox One X or Xbox SERIES S, or on a TV that does not support 4K / 60FPS, you must choose whether you want 4K images (quality) or 60 FPS (performance). If you choose the quality, you will continue playing at least 30 fps, but you will get 4K images. If you opt for performance, you will play 60 FPS, but you will have to settle for 1080p.

As for which is the best and which one should choose, well, that depends on your personal preferences. The personal preference of this particular is that you opt for performance. While Halo Infinite looks good at 4K, it still looks good at 1080p. The change of 30 fps to 60 fps is much more remarkable and impacts your game in a more significant way.

This is certainly true at least in multiplayer mode. When betting are a bit minor on your account in the field, you may consider going back to 4K, so you can enjoy all the views.

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