Bremen — Schalke

Easy was not only the weather in Bremen at the end of January, especially it was the mood of the Schalke. The scarce were at the last meeting of the two clubs namely deformed Bundesliga light. Bremen, on the other hand, was on a supposedly sovereign eleventh place after 1: 1 on the 19th match day, and would hardly expect to meet Royal Blue again next year. But the rest is known. After 104 duels in the Bundesliga stands on Saturday evening (20.30 clock) the second division premiere of the classic. While the weather at the Weber should go through this time as a mild, the mood situation at S04 again approaches freezing. For unlike those who have been unbeaten, the curve has shown on the 2: 4 against Darmstadt, 0: 1 in Dagenham and the Cup against the Munich lions in Dagenham and the cup of Munich.

Darmstadt — St. Pauli

Although the expense period and club names, although the top game in the Weserstadion, the athletic climax is rising on Saturday afternoon (13.30 clock) but in southern Hesse: top rider FC St. Pauli is in the emerging table-four SV Darmstadt 98. Four victories and a draw of the Last five games — the two counterparties were most recently in part. If it succeeds in defeating the lilies to defeat the league leader, they pass past the KietzRoyal Blues thanks to the better goal ratio, which, however, still have a catch-up against Tannhauser next Wednesday.

HSV — Regensburg

Darmstadt counters S04 | FC Schalke 04 - Darmstadt 98 2-4 | All Goals | MD 13 – Bundesliga 2 - 21/22

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But also from the Hamburg Volksparkstadion, an attack on the top of the table is expected. Not from the Hamburger SV, which can produce with a win but at least the connection to the top places, but from the table-second John Regensburg. Anyway, it is clear, it is likely to be a running-intensive game: no team of the league has plated more than the 1536.76 kilometers of HSV actors, Regensburg is behind Dagenham the second pursuers of the Hamburgers (1523.38 km).

Rostock — AUE

The East duel between Hans Rostock and Erzgebirge AUE completes the events on Saturday. Five years after the last meeting in the only year in the 3rd league, it s time again. Even if there were first six duels of the two in the Bundesliga under house, both clubs should be well known after a total of 62 lots in the GDR Oberlin. With last two victories, the FC Hans from the depths of the spreadsheet has made a bit upside down, exactly the way is still ahead.

Hanover — Paderborn

Speaking of miles and table leadership: With the Paderborn Ron Challenger (155.24 km) and Marco Schuster (154.26 km), no one can accommodate the Hamburg, the duo leads the league in this regard. Already on Friday evening (18.30 clock) it gets Hanover 96 with the two permanent runners. At least for the more detailed for the time being beckons in a threesome of the jump to rank 1. On the other hand, the Lower Saxony, on the other hand, must end a series to land a liberation in the basement: in two games in the 1st and 2nd league, the 96er against Paderborn are still without victory — Three times the Westphalia went as winners from the field.

Tannhauser — Nuremberg

Also, at the start of the game day, the SV Tannhauser receives the 1st FC Nuremberg. The club as the only unbeaten team of leagues… that was once. Two defeats in series conceded the FAN last. At the basement in Tannhauser, the trend shows after five points out of three plays up. Club coach Robert Klaus will have to come up with something — but this time again from the sideline, not last as a player in the Saxon Cup.

Dagenham — Kiel

At the top of the table, nothing will change on Sunday. All six teams in use at the end of the match day are in the midfield or bottom table half. After Marcel Rap was launched as a coach of Holstein Kiel with three draws in the league, he was finally allowed to look forward to three points on the 2-1 about Dresden for the first time. The first defeat in his term of office wants to inflict the 1st FC Dagenham.

Ingolstadt — Karlsruhe

Defeats that the FC Ingolstadt knows very well this season. Ten at the number. So that in the 14th season game does not follow the eleventh, the Karlsruhe SC must be tiled. The Baden are after changeable services in search of Constance and achievement experiences. Only a victory succeeded from the last six games. Maybe the chance for the Scanner…

Dresden — Düsseldorf

~~~~ The defeats with Dynamo Dresden is currently the determining topic. Five games in series were last lost, the coach, already counted, may continue for the time being. With a new captain, Yannick strong instead of Sebastian Mai, the trendy will succeed against Fortuna Düsseldorf.