After having explored with a touch of humor and then the city of Rent Detention, the Year of the Faucet ends its course in the Ice Cream Valley of Alter ac. This is where the new expansion of Hearthstone will leave your luggage to finish stylish this standard year. A fairly logical choice, which guarantees a balance between Horde and Alliance at the end of the year.

The Alter ac valley, populated by Bears and Yetis, is mainly a very disputed territory between Warcraft s two factions. It is a well-known battlefield among PVP players in Wow, and has its roots in the conflict between the frolic Logo Orcs and the dwarves peak storm.

Before deepening the ad itself in more detail, here is a rapid summary of expansion:

Divided into the Alter ac Valley premieres on December 7, 2021
135 new cards will be available
1 New keyword: Death with honor
1 New type of cards: Objectives
Return of the Hero letters
2 booking packets are available, as usual (at €49.99 and €79.99)

New keyword: honorable victory

Fractured in Alterac Valley Announcement Video

Key word death with honor Activates an additional effect if the letter or subjects that leads it inflicts the exact amount of damage to an enemy to kill him. Therefore, it will be important to end the rival rivers in a certain order.

New type of spells: objectives

The objectives represent characteristic locations of the ALTER AC PVP Battlefield. offer bonuses for 3 turns. In the game, they acquire the appearance of the exclamation mark of the missions. Therefore, these are spells that will allow dynamic game phases for three shifts, but they have no direct effect.

Drew their and Vandal

The fight between the icy wolf orcs and the dwarves peak storm materializes immediately in two new neutral legendary letters: Drew their and Vandal. Similar In terms of statistics, the two heroes will be played on diametrically opposite decks. Soon you will understand why.

Drew their

You can only play in a deck where all other minions that cost 3 or less. The battle scream of it invokes two minions of your mallet if this condition is fulfilled. Therefore, Drew their is ideal for ago and zoo archetypes.


Instead, the Alter Ego of Drew their points to decks plus control. He will reduce the cost of the minions in your mallet in (3)… if it originally costs less than each of them.

The return of the Hero Letters!

We have missed them from the expansion knights of the ice cream throne, after which they had been too discreet. Hero cards are returning with divided into the Alter ac Valley. As before, they grant 5 of armor when playing and unleashed a powerful battle cry, besides changing your hero power for the rest of the game.

Choose your faction!

The next time you start session at Hearthstone, you will have to choose your side, between the Horde and the Alliance. Depending on this choice, you will receive a golden copy of the legendary hero corresponding to your faction!

But that s not all: Throughout the expansion, you will continue fighting for your favorite side. From December 7 to January 11, playing Hearthstone will make you gain honor.

10 points of honor for each game played
10 Additional Honor Points for Game Cattle
20 additional honor points for each victory against an enemy of the contrary faction

Collecting honor will make you move forward through a very interesting legendary missions chain. When the expansion mini-set is launched, the faction that collectively accumulates the most points of honor will be declared a winner. All Hearthstone players will receive a hero diamond letter from the winning faction (Drew their or Vandal)

Recompresses of extension

As usual, anticipated orders allow you to start expansion with a good amount of envelopes from the day of launch.

Book at €79.99 — Mega pack


80 envelopes, 5 golden envelopes and 2 random golden legendary letters of divided into the Alter ac Valley.
Alternative Hero Veined PICO Storm And Her Letter Back
Extras of the battlefields until the launch of the next expansion
5 mercenary packets and 1 legendary random mercenary

Precompiles at €49.99 — divided into the Alter ac Valley


60 envelopes and two legendary random legendary letters divided into the Alter ac Valley
Back of the cards

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