After yesterday s drama (discovery of another ass-bug and blocking trade in the whole game) Amazon Games has published a long post in which…

Boasts the results in the fight against chimera
Apologizes for the inconvenience
Thank you the community for commitment
And promises further actions to improve the situation in the game

As to the numbers, from November 2 permanently banned 1200 players (including 460 players from yesterday). Amazon also claims that they managed to remove most of the gold and items resulting from the scams.

By manipulating packages, an error was discovered, which allowed players to duplicate coins and resources in the game. We have banned over 1200 players, removing their items from economics and canceling their auctions in commercial institutions. We have taken decisive action against such persons for the first time on November 2, permanently blocking the accounts of the most gross criminals, which eliminated over 80% of cheated coins and the value of objects from the economy.

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We apologize for the influence that it made on some of our most devoted players. It s depressing when others cheat to get what you have worked so hard, while harming the economy. It took us some time to discover and identify, where it landed items and coins, but from November 15 we are pleased to announce that we have been permanently banned 460 additional players. Thanks to this, we were able to remove 98% of other cheated items and coins in the game.

New World Devs Permaban 1200 Accounts and Remove 98% of Duped Gold

We work on a shortening of reaction time and remain vigilance against players who violate our terms of service. Exploits will not be tolerated, and the penalties can and will cover fixed bans for players who use them. Our team tirelessly works on continuing our investigations and preventing future frauds, improving or exchanging game systems that can be attacked. Please continue to report any problems you encountered, and we will continue to take immediate action.

Thank you members of our community for paying out our attention; We appreciate all the information you pass to ensure safety and fun in DEUTERIUM! Although it took some time to investigate and tracking, where cheated items were placed, our telemetry tracks all these transactions, so be sure that we can and find all the bad actors.

What do you think? This is the end, will we hear about the next BUG for the destructive bug of the New World bug?