Yuri Kanji (Jap. 梶 裕 貴, Kanji Yuri; September 3, 1985, in Tokyo) is a Japanese synchronizer (Says) at the Company Aims. He came from the singing team G. Addict as well as was among the lead characters in the film Kali Voice: The Voice Makes A Wonder. Throughout the years, he has won some rewards as in 2009 at the third Says Awards the very best Brand-new Star Honor and the Ideal Male Lead Duty Award 2013 at the Seventh Says Honors as well as 2014 at the eighth Says Awards. Am June 23, 2019, he married the synchronizer Adana Takes.

Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl has been released for Nintendo DS, and 15 years have passed, and finally remakes Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl will appear in Nintendo Switch.

This work is that it has evolved in a more contemporary style while utilizing the original elements. There are many people waiting for the release, but this time I was disturbed by Pokémon Co., Ltd. and made a leading play. I was able to feel from the trial where I was able to play the middle of the adventure, The fans will be looking forward to the point and I m worried about. Prize.

Deformed graphics and basic elements that are concerned

As a former stage, it is not a unique graphic that many fans were worried when the DARPA Mike was announced. The recent Pokémon series draws the appearance character with a high 3D graphic, but even if it is 3D in this work, somewhere Like Dot picture like a dot picture It is based on

I m a little worried about this, but when I try playing it, there is no sense of discomfort there. While it is drawn from the perspective point of view, it is rather a reproduced atmosphere like a former Pokémon. It can be said that it was possible to play while having a sense of convincing than when the video was seen for the first time.

The main character s operation is not only L stick but also for direction buttons (crosses). The experience value at the time of battle is all Pokémon distribution, and there is also a good degree for each Pokémon. Wild Pokémon is basically a random encount, but a symbol encounter is adopted at the point office (for details, later). And there is an auto save, and the nostalgic sound is alive but although it is arranged. And at the time of the battle, the speed at which Pokémon s HP is reduced is also fast.

Be sternly, unlike the conventional combined remake of the series of new works, while putting the contemporary sense, it was felt that as it is as it is as it is as it is, as it is, as it is as it is.

Anything not only Pokémon search is also an underground big cave

Next, let s look at the points of interest. Shiatsu Villa existing in Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl powered up and became underground large caves. It is characterized by that can be adventured the underground world that spread throughout the Region, and you can get a secret, or you can meet the Pokémon that can not be met on the ground or Pokémon.

In the underground large caves, there are various ways, such as Kasekirori. However, when digging, carefully…!

When the crack gauge on the screen is accumulated, Kabuki Horn will kill. The range is narrow, but with a small amount of damage and the hammer that can be destroyed a wide range, you can use two tools such as a hammer that breaks down immediately.

In Kasekihori, you can find various Tama-based items (exchange items) and Mizuki nous hi, etc., and even a rare stone box. From the stone box, Pokémon Stone Statue that can be decorated to the secret is available.

Also, if you are exploring the aisle, you can find Pokémon Hide. There seems to be some types of hideouts, and Belling etc. come out of the Wolf Rocks, and there is a IPA, and there is a water area that comes out of IPA, and the Lava area of ​​the other type of Pokémon comes out.

This is a map of the symbol encounter, and it can be said to be a spot that you want to check by all means to catch more Pokemon.

In addition, it seems that local communications and internet communication can play underground large caves with other trainers.

Appeal the cuteness of Pokémon! Super Contest Show!

And Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl Super Contest has been upgraded to Super Contest Show! with remake.

This is a mini-game that plays the stage with four performers and Pokemon performance and performance. We will raise a condition such as Pokémon s coolness and Kauai, Ut sushi and Keisha, and we will aim at the success of the show that was in each department.

The content of the show is a so-called rhythm game, and if you press the button according to the notes that flows from the right of the screen, Pokémon works well to get show points well. As this is more than a certain level, the show will be successful, so you need to connect a combo so as not to make a mistake.

In addition, you can use techniques only once during the show. As well as show points can be acquired, but some additional effects occur. It is required to say which technique to use as a tip to success.

It is also important to strengthen the condition of Pokémon itself (coolness, etc.), which can grow by eating Po fin. Condition of Pokémon polished, dances a rhythm game and dances wonderfully, and rises the show with great skills. Such a normal rank, gray rank…… And, we will aim for the upper rank.

It is a good place to feel free to play in the mode where you can enjoy attraction other than Pokémon s battle. This mode can also play with up to 4 people in Local Internet communication.

Making a Po fin that has surprisingly struggled

Po fin giving Pokémon condition can also be made by yourself. If you make it with Ouroboros (for details later), the Pokémon you are walking will watch out, so you will be promoted Po fin in a more lively atmosphere.

New Features Analysis - Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
The way to make it is simple, and if you choose a lot, just turn L sticks in line with the instructions. However, when the speed to turn is too fast, it will come back, and it will come out if it is too late. This is quite difficult, and the authors have mass-produced yogi points in the first several challenges. Players Po fin can not be made in multiple coffins, but how many times you choose can make high-level coffins.

Ball is also fashionable with Ball Deck

During the adventure, you will receive a seal that can be put on the ball capsule from various people. You can use this to customize the ball Ball Deck. The monster ball that the deck is the super contest show mentioned above! But it can be used, and it is also related to visual examination.

Two types of ways to decide. A 3D mode that can be pasted in a 2D mode and 360 degrees like a 2D mode and 360 degrees. As the effects when Pokémon pops out from the ball, The player s commitment is neatly reflected as a visual..

There are up to 20 stickers, but it is often the case where you want to concentrate on Deck, and you may not be enough for the desired type or not. Super Contest Show! When you become the best performer or when you win a gym leader, you will get a seal, so you will be able to collect them.

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Sober convenient Pocket

Convenient goods Pocket that can be obtained by advancing adventure will continue to appear. Press R to appear in the upper right of the screen, A wide variety of functions can be used, such as a Counter, Idea, Pokémon List, Kansan.

As you proceed with the game, the app that counts numbers, a downing machine that can find a falling item, and there are many players who are indebted. If you do not want to use it separately, it is OK if it is hidden.

Pokémon and adventure to walk

Walking is one of the attractions of this work. You can take anyone from your Pokémon and talk about it while walking in the middle of walking.

In this trial, I went to Hicks, Pikachu, Lucio, France, etc., but I have a feature of Pokémon and interesting. Want is too slow, and the trainer is not a trainer (Warp to a fixed distance), and Gabriel will fly in the sky.

A breathing Bureau FICOBA

Yoga City has a place called Ouroboros, where you can interact with your Pokémon and Square.

You can see the appearance of the Pokemon playing, and you can take multiple Pokémon. You can also manipulate cameras to some extent, and you can move and zoom. However, it seems to be a purpose to make a relaxing or coffin.

The spots ideal for photography exactly. However. This is the same restriction on Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl, but let s be aware that Pokémon put together is only a part.

Let s fashion with the style change of dress change

Dressing element is also added. This is a specification that you can purchase total coordinated style instead of purchasing items such as upper wear and bags. Cyberpunk designs, Pokémon Feature fully open, you can enjoy dressing in accordance with the stages and preferences of adventure.

I tried to look back on each element I could experience at the trial, but I also received an impression that it was adjusted to a modern wind while respecting the original element.

The basic system is the same as underground large caves and super contest show! Each element is powered up, and ball deck is increasing to be able to stick to 360 degrees. For those who played Pocket Monster Diamond Pearl at the time, it can be said that it is finished in the content that you nostalgic.

In addition, I could not experience this time, but Union room that can enjoy other trainers and Pokémon exchange and match. The adventure starts to begun on November 19, 2021, and it will travel a little more nostalgic Shinto!

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